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January 29, 2010

Alt Summit Redux

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I had the pleasure of attending the Alt Design Summit in snowy Salt Lake City last weekend. The conference aimed at creative ways design bloggers could improve upon their blog, increase readership, and how one could actually make money doing this. This was a bigger deal for my wife, as she has recently ventured out on her own running her blog & stationery shop full time. I had made up my mind from the onset to treat the trip more as a vacation than a work conference. This ended up being the right mindset for me, because if I had taken everything too seriously I’d have been in poor shape.

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June 8, 2009

Brainstorm Poster Giveaway

Bicyclists, commuters, countrymen, lend me your (g)ears…

OK, bad jokes aside, we’ve teamed up with amazing New Jersey design team Brainstorm to offer our readers this eco-friendly, bike-lovin’, silkscreened “Go Ride a Bike” poster.


Brainstorm just spent this past weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and Wednesday they’re off to Bonnaroo (they did 2009 design work for the festival).  So, while the hungry masses are devouring their posters with serious bloodlust, you could be winning this beauty from the comfort of your swivel chair.


Check out this talented duo’s website and shop for hilarious and good looking prints like this one and, my favorite, this one.

To be entered to win, all you have to do is leave a comment here and let us know what kind of bike you ride (links to photos are a bonus)!  Entries will end on Sunday night (6/14) @ 11:59pm and we’ll pick a winner on Monday!  Good luck!

[the poster is 19"x 25" and printed on French cardboard]


May 15, 2009

Jardin de Niños

Our homies Stefan Joch and Andreas Putz, whom we’ve posted about previously, make up “Jardin de Niños”, an artists’ collective that releases amazing zines, posters, prints and exhibition work.jardin-okgreat7.jpgTheir most recent exhibition at “Lendwirbel” in their native Austria (“a sort of block party with art”) was entitled “auseschiam + improvisiern”.  Roughly Translated: “Postone and Improvise”.  Andreas emailed us to explain the reasoning behind the name and had this to say, “…we both are such lazy bastards and postpone everything up to a point, where we have to improvise a lot to get a job done.”jardin-okgreat1.jpg jardin-okgreat3.jpgAnother concept behind the exhibit was the layering of black ink over color–the color representing electrical circuits and the guys’ backgrounds at technical schools and the black doodles representing their new aesthetic & way of thinking–“a more artistic way of life.”jardin-okgreat6.jpg jardin-okgreat4.jpgjardin-okgreat5.jpg  Andreas & Stefan are all over the place, so here’s a quick list of some of the places you can find these maniacs: 

Jardin de NiñosStefan JochAndreas PutzStefan on TwitterAndreas on Twitter