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August 23, 2010

of darkness. light. and beauty.

Amanda De Vito, aka Dust.Bunny, shares a world of beautiful decay with us. A world that understands the inevitable connection between darker hours and the captivating beauty that surrounds them. If you have a little time today, explore her flickr and be sure to read the titles and notes attached to some of her work. Here’s an excerpt:

the sky & the hills & the grass & the asphalt were all saturated with the colors of the setting sun. golden streaks of light like honey dripping over everytihng, & shadows so deep you could dive into them & drown trying to reach the bottom. the warm wind through the unrolled windows was as loud as armageddon, the trees on the roadside rained leaves like confetti. magpies were spinning & diving in the air in razor thin lines, flying frantically away from my oncomming car. i was traveling fast enough to move through time, backwards to a spent summer i’ve been tryng to forget. those days you reflect on for the rest of your life, the memories that allow you to say “i’ve been worse off before.” Read the rest of this entry »