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December 18, 2012

Revel In Portland, VOL 1

Hi friends. This whole year has been busy. My friend and business partner Janice have finally published our labor of love… Revel In Portland, VOL 1. We join Revel In New York guidebooks 1, 2 and 3. The Revel In brand was founded in NY by managing editors, Marc Santo and Scott Newman.

For curious travelers and locals alike. Revel In Portland is an arts and culture travel guide and platform, delivering a personalized view of the city, through the eyes of its most intriguing characters.  Volume 1 features conversational interviews with (illustrator) Carson Ellis, (chef) John Gorham, (filmmaker) Lance Bangs, (musicians) Chromatics, (designer) Tinker Hatfield, (photographer) Ray Gordon, (Bridge + Burn designer) Erik Prowell, (artist) Alicia McDaid, (architect) Jeff Kovel and (chickfactor editor) Gail O’Hara—alongside amazing contributors, beautiful pictorials and 72 personal recommendations on Portland’s ‘best of’ everything.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Portland’s Right Brain Initiative  -  enhancing our children’s education through the arts.

Stocking stuffers anyone?

Thanks for checking it out. XOCH


May 10, 2011


Back in August of 2009, we wrote a review of John Paul Thurlow‘s ongoing project Covers, in which he recreated (or straight up created) magazine covers for every magazine that he owned. I just checked in with the artist + the series continued for a while after our post with some great new covers. You can also purchase the collection as a book here. Check it.

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September 28, 2010

cherry blossoms, and so much more.

I cannot provide a correct synopsis of what a Geisha really is. I can however share with you these beautiful artifacts that may tell a better story than any explanation may.

The “author” of this amazing flickr feed, Okinawa Soba, gives a well-rounded interpretation here, which is worth the read—spare a few minutes.

Here’s the basis of his analysis:


The first character GEI 芸 is usually translated into English as Art, or the Arts.
The second character SHA 者 simply means Person, or Person who does.
Together they mean A person of the Arts. Therefore……ARTIST, or PERFORMING ARTIST.

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October 2, 2009

Our Daily Bread: Inspiration

That little spat you guys have going on is real cute. Now, for some real life inspiration – I give you MEXICAN ALTARS.

What’s up now? I dare you to get more real than this.


Maybe it’s just me feeling nostalgic for guilt, confession and wafer treats, but I found these altars in a book called Mexican Home Altars about Mexican culture. All photographs are by Dana Salvo. I’ve had them for a long time and I always go back to them when I’m itching to do a collage with a new rustic color palette or…my wedding invitations? Muhahahahhaha. See more altars after the jump.

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