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April 22, 2010

Your Inner Burt

Remember the dudes that played croquet with us last year? No, not the beer guys… nope, not the dudes that won either. I’m talking about the good people from the Durham based ad agency Baldwin&. (I think they placed second – which ain’t too shabby considering the stiff competition.) ANYWAY – in honor of Earth Day, David & his team have launched a microsite and a brilliant campaign for Burts Bees encouraging people to ‘find their inner Burt.’ Read about the project here & then visit the site. Always wonderful to see such excellent work from local creatives.

Check back in a week for an interview with David about the project and about their future ambitions in the world of croquet!


August 3, 2009

Downtown Croquet: Playoffs!


Sunburnt. Dehydrated. Dejected. That was Flywheel after Friday’s playoffs.  IAVO Research + Scientific, hot off a restful forfeit in the first round, pulled ahead in an otherwise tight match to seal their spot in the finals and send Flywheel packing in our own tournament!


Meanwhile, across the green, Fullsteam Brewery + Baldwin& went head to head in what was also a showdown for the ages.  The croquet gods looked kindly upon Baldwin& and in the end, they sealed the deal and sent Fullsteam back to their craft-beer-drinking hideaway (lucky them).


So it was written.  IAVO + Baldwin would face off in the final match to determine who really ruled the…wickets?  Yeah, the wickets.  It was a close match, save “Harvey” who pulled ahead as he had in the previous match to secure the number one spot.  It’s still a matter of contention as to whether or not “Harvey” even works for IAVO or if they flew him in from England for the tournament.  I’ve got my eye on you, “Harvey”. 


Harvey’s quick finish was apparently inspirational to the other IAVO players and they pulled ahead for the win.  And there you have it, folks–IAVO Research + Scientific are our champions.  With a tri-butted trophy and their five dollar cash prize, they’ll reign over Durham croquet.  At least, until next year.


A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the teams that came out for our (inaugural) Downtown Croquet Tournament–IAVO R+S, Baldwin&, Fullsteam, Original Projects, the DPAC and Ignite.  


There are a couple of nice articles on Bull City Rising and Durham Magazine that you can check out and, as always, photos are up on our Flickr.


July 30, 2009

Downtown Croquet: Day 4

Unfortunately, we had another team drop out this afternoon.  Baldwin& apparently “forgot” to put the event on their group calendar.  But I think we all know what really happened–they were afraid of this fierce squad:  BAM.

In Baldwin&’s absence, Flywheel stepped in as Team OK Great (to save from confusing everyone).  And although the game was inevitably going our way and Ignite Social Media bailed early to grab some Only Burger burgers, they technically picked up a win.  Woo.  There are oodles of photos at our Flickr.


But wait! The plot thickens…turns out that Ignite can’t make tomorrow!  What. the. hell.  We reasoned that because Baldwin& and Ignite Social Media both forfeited, neither forfeit truly counts and Baldwin& moves on to the finals.  Or something like that. Makes sense, right?  Suuure, it does.

Playoffs begin tomorrow at noon on the DPAC lawn. Two semi-final games will be played simultaneously–Flywheel vs. IAVO and Baldwin& vs. Fullsteam–followed by the finals, glory and someone walking home with a big ol’ trophy.

Grab some lunch and come cheer the players on!


July 29, 2009

Downtown Croquet: Day 3

Today’s match was between Fullsteam + the Durham Performing Arts Center and boy, it was a doozy.  Let’s just say, there were a lot of socks.


And there it is, folks!  DPAC has been eliminated by Fullsteam.  It was an admirable effort on the parts of both teams.  Fullsteam pulled ahead early, after knocking two of the DPAC players’ balls into the far area of the park more than once (we play with “prison rules”–no out-of-bounds).  DPAC rallied in the second half and sealed a second place finish but in the end, Fullsteam was able to slip past and finish each player’s game.

As always, you can see photos from the game at our Flickr.  Tomorrow’s match will be between Baldwin& and Ignite Social Media.  Fridays playoffs are being moved to the lawn at DPAC.  If you’re downtown-come out and watch!

After the jump:  Socks.  Lots of ‘em.

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July 27, 2009

Downtown Croquet: Day 1

So, as some of you might have heard, Flywheel is hosting a croquet tournament here in downtown Durham.  8 teams.  5 days.  No survivors.


Ok, there are survivors.  You got me.  Today was round one of the tournament and we found ourselves pitted against our friends at Original Projects/Durty Durham.  It was a tight game through the first stretch but in the end, we prevailed (obvi).  We had, as they say, the eye of the tiger.

You can see photos from todays match at our Flickr.  Check back throughout the week-we’ll be updating daily  and by Friday we’ll all know who rules the school.  Or, the croquet field.