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March 10, 2012


Plenty, a plentiful supply

Brian Ulrich has spent ten years documenting the many layers of infinite commercialism to be found in our country. The series touches on the economic implications of over-consumption, highlights the particularities of not being able to consider anything due to too much being available and makes a full circle when some of the stores first visited end up dark and empty as the economy plummeted. Ulrich set this all up in three chapters—RETAIL, THRIFT, and DARK STORES.

An incredible insight. Spend some time looking and absorbing.

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April 12, 2011

paul rouphail

Paul Anthony Rouphail is a recent Carnegie Melon graduate + a current American ex-pat working as an illustrator in Peru (awesome. I want your life). His current body of work explores “synthesis of the surrealist and naturalist traditions infused with the American commercial and natural landscape.” It’s big, it’s lonely + it conjures visuals from both a worldwide + personal apocalypse.

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November 30, 2009



The holidays + Monday? Super awesome combo. That was sarcasm by the way if you couldn’t tell or are new around here. So since it’s jingle bell time and all that, I thought I’d explore some of my pet peeves for the season. I have a feeling no one is with me on this one, but hey, more buzz for me! Read the list after the jump.

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