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June 29, 2011

rainbow city

Many of you are probably familiar with the artists/toy makers/creators of all things cute+happy, FriendsWithYou. To celebrate the opening of Section 2 of the High Line Park in NYC, they teamed up with AOL to create a 40-piece environmental installation called Rainbow City. As you can see from the pictures above, this installation is pretty much a playground of brightly colored inflatable creatures, and it looks like so much fun! If you are planning a visit to NYC, the exhibition will be open until July 5, so you still have some time to swing by and check it out. You can visit FriendsWithYou’s website for more photos & information.


January 12, 2011


Boombox=Check.   Nike Dunks = Check.   Spectacles = Check.   Awesome = Check.

CUYPI (aka Sebastien Cuypers) is a french graphic designer + illustrator whose work is clearly fun, energetic and colorful. I stumbled on his work on behance and really enjoyed his style.

Gotta love the Ross Perot ears on that briefcase face too.

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June 2, 2010

Jimmy Zombie

Jimmy Zombie is an illustrator from the UK whose distinct liquid, (Peter Max like) psychedelic style rocks the party.  He uses a lot of bright colors, organic shapes and original concepts. His work is not only fun to look at, but is full of hidden Easter eggs worked seamlessly into almost every piece. After you find a skull or two, you feel as good as you did when you found Waldo’s hat, or book.  Jimmy’s attention to detail makes his work really stand out on its own and his name is bad ass.  Really cool looking stuff.

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