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June 27, 2012

Redesign Giveaway #1

Let’s get this giveaway extravaganza kicked off right, shall we!?

Brainstorm – ‘Planets Poster’

The amazing duo Brainstorm from Portsmouth, who recently teamed up with another amazing duo we all know so well, has generously donated one of their kickass screen prints! The print is signed & stamped by Brainstorm and at 16 x 20 it will fit most standard frames.

Carolin Harris – Stick Stack

Our very own (we’re lucky to have one!) Carolin Harris has graciously offered her latest screenprinted poster ‘Stick Stack’. This poster is rad, people. (Pro tip: rollover Carolin’s author tag on her posts to see a sneak peak of her printing the poster!)

Bound Custom Journals – Designer Camouflage Journal

Finally, another good citizen of OK Greatland, Michael Faber & his team at Bound Custom Journals has donated one of their limited edition journals. Details from Michael: A Bound “Uncustom” Journal from the folks at  The Designer Camouflage edition is a short-run (only about 30 made) of memo notebooks with alternating dot grid and lined pages within.  And we’ll throw in a sticker.  And maybe some other Bound loot, too.  YOU NEVER KNOW.

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A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone that donated to our first giveaway pack. Y’all are about as awesome as a bloomin’ onion.

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You may enter all three giveaway contests using three different methods. If you enter using all three methods below, you will be entered into this giveaway a total of three times. That’s math & that’s awesome.

UPDATE – Please enter via twitter & facebook while we fix our dang commenting system. Thank you! Commenting is back up & running!

1. Enter by commenting below.
2. Enter by sharing this post on twitter & commenting on this post with a link to your tweet.
3. Enter by sharing this post on facebook & commenting on this post with a link to your facebook post.

Submissions close for Giveaway #1 on Wednesday, July 4th. 

Good luck & remember Giveaway #2 kicks off tomorrow!


February 8, 2010

OK G + 2 – 1 = MATH

Big news today! Some great! Some sad.  Let’s get the bummer out of the way first, shall we?

Our good friend (and my wife) Ellie Snow has decided to leave OK Great to better focus on her work. If you don’t know, she’s an awesome designer in the process of starting her own stationery shop. You can also read about her work and her many inspirations on her blog. So everyone say farewell and wish her luck on her ventures!

Now, if you learned anything from Mufasa + Elton John, you should know that an ending can also mean a new beginning. And in that spirit, I’d like to introduce you to TWO new contributors we’re bringing on board! We’re very excited to have these two, so please show them some love!




Carolin is a graphic designer in the Bull City, living in bliss with her husband, baby daughter and their two dogs. She lives for beautiful design, type, packaging and photography—all while obsessing about running and yoga. A German at heart and on paper but a left coast-all-the-way lover, maybe one day you’ll find her back where she belongs.



Jared is a graphic designer + flash developer living in Portsmouth, NH (sharing a washer and dryer with Dylan and Kristy who live across the hall).  He loves contemporary art, illustrations, package design and creative typography.  When he isn’t designing, Jared enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking and anything else that involves a pocket knife, merit badge skills and his Nikon D90.  Jared also has an intense hatred of clowns, the store Papyrus and landscape paintings that your Nana might own.