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January 25, 2010

Working 9-5; Must Haves


As many of you know, all of us Okay Great-ers forged our magical friendships through our old firm, Flywheel Design. It was amazing and we did amazing things and we ate locopops together and it was great. Then we all got laid off. Rather than boil in the pain and the anger and grief and utter shock (wait, I’m still boiling) we’ve all made it through to the other side. For my part, well, I got a job! And though I’m thankful to have a place to show up to Monday through Friday, I made a promise to myself that I would, um, be myself. That means professional and creative. I love this new ad campaign for Salvatore Ferragamo’s SS 2010 line shot by Mario Testino. It’s my inspiration to never fall back on lumpy jeans and hooded sweatshirts on the job. I feel like I need to present the best of me at all times and fraying denim doesn’t say, “I’m smart and powerful and love my job – oh, and don’t fuck with me” quite like a luxurious quilted box jacket, pencil skirt and heels. I just picture Claudia above franticly panicking to pick out the right shoes that say the right thing for Monday morning.

Plus, the best advice I ever got? If you work in a creative industry, you better look creative. Sometimes it’s a thrill for your clients to go through the process of working with an agency. If you show up in a cheap gray power suit with Rite Aid nylons (like them) you’re going to disappoint everyone at the table. I aim to never, ever disappoint.

See my picks and purchases for office ware after the jump!

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July 1, 2009

Legacy of Frugality: July Buys

Happy July 1st, everybody (rabbit, rabbit)!   


In my real life, I’m a crazy bargain hunter (craaazzzyy) and since I spend a lot of my time scouring the interwebs for new content for OK Great, I come across a lot of goods that catch my eye but don’t make it onton the blog for one reason or another.  Being a thrifty shopper, I bookmark damn near every bargain buy I find, swearing that I’ll purchase each “later”.  Later inevitably turns to never and they get lost in the veritable corn maize that is my desktop.So!

After the jump, my top 10 picks for items, big + small for the savvy summer shopper…

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April 2, 2009

Dovetail Studio

I like ceramics (when they’re done well.  Not my mom’s ceramics).  I like screen printing.  I like bikes and sea creatures.  I like obsessively stocking my kitchen with every cool plate, cup or pot I can find.  Apparently, Margaret and Josh Smith are down with what goes on inside my brain.


Maybe next they’ll be design an Apple Cinnamon Cheerios box that’s also a skateboard, that plays a Son House song when you open it and has a picture of me dunking on Barack Obama on the front, since they’re in the business of combining things I like.


Or maybe they’ll just keep firing white ceramic and printing cool illustrations on plates, vases and mugs so that I can purchase their work and daydream about balling with our Prez while I hover over a Dovetail bowl full of sugary cereal.  That’d be fine.


Check out their website here and their blog here.