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August 14, 2009

our work: solay


We just got this stationery back from the printer for Solay Counseling & Research Center. This project was interesting because I had to [very carefully] figure out how to replicate the multiply effect as a two color print job. It was also exciting to print on the envelope flap. Now we just have to get the website launched!



April 3, 2009

Bracket (No NCAA content)

Here at OK Great HQ, we’ve been talking a lot about business cards lately; we’ll be redesigning our own in the coming months so the ideas are really flowing…picture-1.jpgWhich led me to this super simple card with a twist from Felix Ng for Bracket.bracket.jpgIn Felix’s words: “Bracket is a publication that features everything-in-between – ideas, process and voices overlooked and under-appreciated.”picture-4.jpgThoughtful and appropriate but would you carry a card blank on the outside with a hidden message?You can check out the rest of Felix’s excellent work at Silnt, where he’s Art Director.