Ok.  Remember when you got all excited because you assembled that Ikea computer desk without having any leftover pieces lying around when you were finished.  Yea, Kagen Schafer would have made an MC Escher-esque sculpture out of your Ikea parts and had it sing romantic Portuguese lovesongs to you.

Schafer creates furniture, boxes and other curious devices, all of which have some kind of puzzle twist that, when solved, allow secret compartments to open.  For example, the Lotus Table has a surface with 10 concentric rings of inlaid wood, that when twisted into certain combinations and patterns, allow one of the six compartments below to become unlocked.

Another recent creation, the Pipe Organ Desk, is quite a curious piece of furniture.  Each of its drawers are connected to a different note of a full octave pipe organ.  When you close a drawer, the air is directed into one of the pipes and it creates the sound.  The entire thing, down to every single screw, is completely fashioned by hand out of wood.  Now that would be pretty damn cool in its own right, but of course, here comes the twist.  Inside of that desk is what Schafer calls a pneumatic logic board which allows the desk to remember the pattern of notes you’ve played.  If you play the right jingle in the right pattern, a secret compartment unlocks.  You can even adjust the logic board to allow a custom tune to be used to open it up.

Seriously, take a few minutes to poke around his site.