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June 27, 2012

Redesign Giveaway #1

Let’s get this giveaway extravaganza kicked off right, shall we!?

Brainstorm – ‘Planets Poster’

The amazing duo Brainstorm from Portsmouth, who recently teamed up with another amazing duo we all know so well, has generously donated one of their kickass screen prints! The print is signed & stamped by Brainstorm and at 16 x 20 it will fit most standard frames.

Carolin Harris – Stick Stack

Our very own (we’re lucky to have one!) Carolin Harris has graciously offered her latest screenprinted poster ‘Stick Stack’. This poster is rad, people. (Pro tip: rollover Carolin’s author tag on her posts to see a sneak peak of her printing the poster!)

Bound Custom Journals – Designer Camouflage Journal

Finally, another good citizen of OK Greatland, Michael Faber & his team at Bound Custom Journals has donated one of their limited edition journals. Details from Michael: A Bound “Uncustom” Journal from the folks at  The Designer Camouflage edition is a short-run (only about 30 made) of memo notebooks with alternating dot grid and lined pages within.  And we’ll throw in a sticker.  And maybe some other Bound loot, too.  YOU NEVER KNOW.

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A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone that donated to our first giveaway pack. Y’all are about as awesome as a bloomin’ onion.

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You may enter all three giveaway contests using three different methods. If you enter using all three methods below, you will be entered into this giveaway a total of three times. That’s math & that’s awesome.

UPDATE – Please enter via twitter & facebook while we fix our dang commenting system. Thank you! Commenting is back up & running!

1. Enter by commenting below.
2. Enter by sharing this post on twitter & commenting on this post with a link to your tweet.
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Submissions close for Giveaway #1 on Wednesday, July 4th. 

Good luck & remember Giveaway #2 kicks off tomorrow!


June 6, 2011

Bound Custom Journals

For the last year or so, your humble OKGreatster (me) has been hard at work on a new little project called Bound Custom Journals.  It arose out of a simple need.  Many of us use journals for sketching, note-taking, traveling, and a whole host of other uses.  But until now there was no way to conveniently do all of those things in one place.  We may have one book with grids or blanks for sketching, another with lines for writing, and entire books dedicated to city maps for traveling.  Bound Custom Journals will allow you to craft the contents of your journal around your life.  Via a simple website, you’ll be able to select from our ever-growing library of content and organize, page-by-page, section-by-section, your very own, American-made custom journal and have it in your hands in just days.

It’s been a lot of work getting to this point, but now we need to see if this idea is really something that people want.  So what better way to do that than to hold a pre-sale on Kickstarter.  Check out our project page for all the deets.

I could wax poetic on this stuff all day, but I think the easiest way to explain it all is to watch our video on the Kickstarter page and embedded below.  If you like the idea, go ahead and toss a few dollars in our pledge bucket.  Or just help spread the word – every last dollar, tweet, tumbl, facebook, blog post, whatever counts.  Thanks!