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September 21, 2011

Made By Hand

Made by Hand is a new film series focusing the people, the tools, and the places that shape the products that are still lovingly crafted by hand.  The first film is about Brueckelen Distilling Company.  It’s beautifully shot, well-designed, and does a great job of capturing the passion of someone who makes something.  I’m particularly looking forward to the next installment which will focus on one of my favorite handmade objects, high quality kitchen knives. Enjoy.

Made by Hand / No 1 The Distiller from Made by Hand on Vimeo.


November 10, 2010

Gettysburg Address

Great black + white animation from Adam Gault that brings visuals to honest Abe’s Gettysburg Address. I love the visual style of this piece, each scene is very well done and the buffalo just kill it for me.  Check out Adam’s professional portfolio  here.