Unfortunately, we had another team drop out this afternoon.  Baldwin& apparently “forgot” to put the event on their group calendar.  But I think we all know what really happened–they were afraid of this fierce squad:  BAM.

In Baldwin&’s absence, Flywheel stepped in as Team OK Great (to save from confusing everyone).  And although the game was inevitably going our way and Ignite Social Media bailed early to grab some Only Burger burgers, they technically picked up a win.  Woo.  There are oodles of photos at our Flickr.


But wait! The plot thickens…turns out that Ignite can’t make tomorrow!  What. the. hell.  We reasoned that because Baldwin& and Ignite Social Media both forfeited, neither forfeit truly counts and Baldwin& moves on to the finals.  Or something like that. Makes sense, right?  Suuure, it does.

Playoffs begin tomorrow at noon on the DPAC lawn. Two semi-final games will be played simultaneously–Flywheel vs. IAVO and Baldwin& vs. Fullsteam–followed by the finals, glory and someone walking home with a big ol’ trophy.

Grab some lunch and come cheer the players on!