This one is for all you local Durhamite OK Greatsters -

Two weekends ago was the third installment of what I hope continues to be a really amazing event in Durham – the Yum Yum Supper.  Quote the Yum Yum website:

The Yum Yum Supper Club is a fresh bunch of humans interested in a cooperative exploration of food, timely celebrations, and the tilting of the planet in the North Carolina Piedmont.

Sounds awesome, right?  It was.  For the not insignificant price of $28 pp, I had high expectations for the night.  It started off with some casual conversations and drinks at the Central Park Pavilion(where the farmers market is held) – sangria and wine – along with some bocce ball and croquet on the field.  Wandering around I noticed a table with some peculiar objects:

Getting better, I thought.  What better way to celebrate the true downtown heritage of Durham than finishing off a hopefully-delicious meal with a post-prandial cigarette and tie-on moustache (apologies for all crappy iphone pics)

So finally the dinner bell was rung and we sat down at a beautifully set table with a bottle of wine between nearly every other seat (big thumbs up).  What followed was a truly delicious meal, filled with local ingredients (bacon or pork belly was featured in every course, including the chocolate chip and bacon cookies for dessert – amazing – and yes there was a veggie option), and great company.  The chef, Chris Holloway of Southern Season, put out unbelievable food for over 100 YumYummers and then prior to the dessert course, (said cookies and jack and coke floats – I’m salivating now thinking about those) came out and gave one of the most impassioned “I Love Durham” + “I Love Food” speeches I’ve heard anywhere, and everyone got all warm and fuzzy (or maybe just drunk on wine).

Anyway, there’s more photos on the site (including a sort of horrible, sort of hilarious one of me and my lovely in moustaches) and more details about the club.  Looks like the next one will be sometime in the fall, so all y’all locals makes sure you check it out.

Needless to say, my $28 expectations were wholeheartedly exceeded on all fronts.