So, as you all may remember, dearest readers, we launched our new website ( back on April 15th.  As part of our effort to get the word out about the new site that we’re so proud of, we created some promotional cards for “National Joe Day”.   8”x 6” of awesome…


The original idea was to create a greeting card for a fabricated holiday but after discovering that “National Joe Day” was actually a holiday, we agreed we had to honor our web developer extraordinaire with his own promotional postcard.  After all, a lot of the blood, sweat and tears that went into building the site was Joe’s (not to mention, late-night bourbon).


Ideas like this are generally a product of sitting down with notebooks and coffee, telling bad jokes and coming up with 78 weird ideas.  Nicole designed the card and made it a lot less weird and a lot more visually pleasing.  I wrote the copy, Kristy edited it and Joe was a good sport.


You can see more photos of the National Joe Day cards in the Print section of the Flywheel Design site.  Check ‘em out!