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September 15, 2010

Special Characters & Tasty Beverage Co. Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! We’ve got another awesome giveaway for you guys! We’re giving away one 18×24″ poster and two 8×10″ prints from Special Characters as well as one Tasty Beverage Co. t-shirt!

Special Characters is a collaboration between two very talented designers, Jaime Van Wart and Critter Wentworth. They had a show of typographic posters and prints at the Busy  Bee Cafe in Raleigh back in March, and they just got their Two Dumbs Etsy shop up and running. Go check it out!

Tasty Beverage Co. is an upcoming business working to bring delicious beer to downtown Raleigh headed by the wonderfully awesome Sean Pratt. Go check out the fun selection of t-shirts [designed by Jaime Van Wart] in the Tasty Beverage Co. shop, and support your future local beer shop!

Both Two Dumbs and Tasty Beverage Co. would also like to thank ahpeele for making the printing possible.

This contest will have three winners, one getting a 18×24″ Special Characters poster, one getting two 8×10″ Special Characters typography prints, and one getting a Tasty Beverage Co. t-shirt. To enter, just leave a comment saying which prize you would like. The winners will get to pick which poster/prints/shirt they would like, so check out the shops to figure out what you want!

Contest ends next Friday night, [9/24] at 11:59pm.  We’ll announce our winner on Monday morning.  Good luck!


August 19, 2010


Everynone is a video production group out of NYC and LA.  They do some really cool stuff, including the recent “Words” (above), for my favorite source of nerdalicious useless brain filler – Radiolab.

They also have a really great series called Everyone Forever Now, which includes the video “Stoop Sitting,” which is definitely my favorite.  These videos (and many of their others) are shot in a style that is somewhere between stop motion and fluid film, but really neither… The pacing is perfect, the editing is tight, yet it allows you to feel a passage of time without moving too slow.

They have several other films on their site, including a couple others done for Radiolab, and a series called Routines, which explores our everyday activities, but presents them in an almost uncomfortable kind of way – even though they are things we do on a regular basis.


June 30, 2010

plantable seed paper

How awesome is this? Porridge Papers has a line of  100% recycled paper with seeds mixed in. If you moisten the paper and plant it under some soil in a sunny spot, it actually grows! I would love to do a project with this paper, it’s so fun!


May 31, 2010

SIGN me up.

so i am in transit to Portland, OR. signage is going to be huge as I start my adventures in this new city, so i thought a post about way-finding done right would be appropriate.

F1rstdesign is an interdisciplinary team of graphic designers, industrial designers and architects, who are making some excellent things. Their work for the Unesco World Heritage Site The Zollverein (“the world’s most beautiful coal mine”)—Zeche Zollverein (in Essen, Germany)—rules. As background (in case you guys can’t read the German description), this park accommodates over 500,000 visitors each year, and the signage system had to adhere to strict preservation regulations.

F1rstdesign first cleaned up the premises, removing what they called a sign forest/maze, and then replaced it with a precise, visually striking system of way-finding elements. I especially love the ground-signage. So good. Look at it!

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