David Baldwin of Baldwin& got in touch again recently to share some of his latest work. As I’ve come to expect, it’s another example of the type of creative thinking that will inevitably leave you smiling.

The client: BMW. The target: PGA golfers.

The challenge was to get PGA pros behind the wheels of BMW’s new M cars. These pro golfers are always inundated with invitations to promotional events every time they go on tour, so it was imperative that the BMW invites stood out. Here is Baldwin&’s solution, right from the horses mouth:

“In this case, we created a motor oil scented cologne called “15W – 50″ that evokes the essence of the race track. The cologne was then placed in the player’s lockers. A week later when the players check into their hotel rooms, they’re greeted by skid marks coming out from beneath their sinks with another message inviting them to sign up for the event.”