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December 16, 2009

Who’s the new kid?


I’m very excited to announce the addition of a new contributor to OK Great. Please join me in welcoming long time friend of the blog Michael Faber to the team! Michael will not only be serving up more great art & design, but will be helping us bring coverage to the many amazing arts/culture events in the Raleigh-Durham area. I could go on, but maybe I should just let Michael speak for himself. So without further ado, I give you Monsieur Faber!
Hello all!  I am ridiculously psyched to be joining the crew of OK Great and bringing some fresh content for all of you hungry readers.  I am a proud Durhamite and I’ll be serving up some big scoops of local art and culture for ya’ll in addition to some of the designers/illustrators/photographers/generally on-a-whim ass-kickery you are all accustomed to here.  I love typography, letterpress, giant things made out of steel, and great food & drink, so you’ll certainly see some of that coming through as well.  Say hi on twitter or check out my own blog, wont’cha?


October 19, 2009



Over the past month or two, many of you may have noticed (or deduced) that there was something brewing behind the scenes at OK Great.  Some of you may have even been privy to some flat-out gossip.

Let’s just say that we were all caught in a whirlwind of freelancing, unemployment, sweatpants and money and when the winds died down, a handful of us had survived and were now the proud owners of OK Great.  The official OK team is Steve, Brendan, Dylan, Kristy, Ellie, Nicole and Islam.

Which brings me to the next bit of news.  We’re happy to announce that we’ll be adding a new member to the team, Islam Elsedoudi.  OK, so he’s Nicole’s man but nepotism be damned!  Islam is a friend of all of ours who’ll be using his background in motion design, animation and film making to round out the content on the blog.  He’s been an unofficial member of the team for a while now and we’re super happy to have him.  Make sure to say “hi” and show him some love!

You can learn more about Islam and the rest of the crew in the new People section, to your left.  Click on the photo to read everyone’s individual bio.  Thanks for listening!


April 13, 2009

We Have Company

We’re all super excited to welcome Patrick Algrim from Hell Yeah Dude and P41 Studios to OK Great for the next couple of weeks….


If you don’t already know Patrick from his excellent Hell Yeah Dude, where he supernaturally tracks down all of the awesome content I wish I’d found first for “The Collection”, you’ll almost certainly be a fan by the end of these two weeks.

So get pumped and stay tuned for all the delicious goodness Patrick has in store for us!


April 9, 2009

Introducing…Guest Contributor!

The OK Great crew is excited to announce another new feature: the Guest Contributor.

We’ll be kicking things off correct on Monday with our first guest author, our homie, Patrick Algrim, the man behind Hell Yeah Dude and the principal at P41 Studios.

Patrick will be joining us from sunny Chicago for two weeks to wax aesthetic on all things good.

So be sure to check back in on Monday for Patricks first post!