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November 13, 2009

You Can Afford it Friday (x2)


I have a few excuses as to why I missed You Can Afford it Friday last week. But they’re lame so I’ll spare you. To make up for it, I’ve got double the under $50 goodness this week. Inspired by a suggestion from @cort1278,  I’m doing a hostess gift/for-the-table round up, just in time for Thanksgiving.  First up are the hostess gifts:

[1] Handpainted ceramic bowl by Stephanie Kao, $45 via bliss [2] Vintage cocktail set from Trampoline, $35 [3] Squid Ink Kollective has a bunch of screenprinted, squid-themed linens, $15-22 [4] Set of 3 vintage tumblers from Macho Machismo Vintage, $12.99 [5] Letterpress coaster set from Lucky Bee Press, $12 [6] If you’re feeling crafty, these scented/flavored sugar recipes from Martha Stewart are a great idea. [7] Twiggy chopsticks! Anthropologie, $10 [8] 5-piece shot glass set from CB2, $21.75 [9] Whatever you bring, bring it in a screenprinted moose bag from Linda & Harriett, $3.


Now for some under $50 items to spruce up your Thanksgiving table. I’m going to go ahead and admit I’m looking forward to hosting my first Thanksgiving, mostly so I can decorate the table and be the uber-dork who sends their family invitations to Thanksgiving. (By the way, did you see the Chellé Paperie Thanskgiving invitations this week? Drool. Katie’s not a dork, just awesome).

[1] hand towel with measurement conversions, Bailey Doesn’t Bark, $22 [2] Artisian hammered flatware, Sundance, #35 [3] Silver banded glasses from 5 Gardenias, $18.50 [4] Wooden Bowls from Trampoline, $18 [5] Antiqued silvery votive set. I’ve seen these in person and they’re really pretty. Shoestring Home, $54 (come on, you can cough up the extra $4). [6] Tree trunk mug from Anthropologie, $18 [7] Birch candle votives, Crate&Barrel, $3.95-9.95 [8] Woodblock cocktail napkins, Dwell Studio, $28 [9] Silverplated sugar spoon from the 1920s, Vintage Pretty Things, $15

As always with OK Great features, if you have a submission we’d love to hear about it. You Can Afford It Fridays submissions can be sent to me (Ellie) at mintdesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com. See you next week!