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April 12, 2010

Cesar Ojeda Hoards the Past

Sometime at the beginning of the latest surge in Afghanistan I started searching for imagery of they country & the people. I tend to get most of my news online, and from only a few sources, so I realized that if I really wanted to see more of Afghanistan I’d have to be more proactive about it. So I did what any proactive web user would do, I Googled that shit. So I did what any smart, proactive web user would do, I searched Flickr. After digging through copious amounts of low-angle-ruined-building-at-dusk photos, I found the image above in a set of 19th century illustrations of Afghan culture. How cool are the color illustrations detailing the clothing & fabric?

Yesterday I revisited this set on Flickr only to discover that the Afghan illustrations were just the tip of the iceberg. Cesar Ojeda has compiled over 7,000 photos into about 350 sets of vintage imagery from around the world. It’s a pretty staggering, but well organized compilation of images well worth checking out. I just have to wonder, though, if Cesar has ever been profiled on A&E’s Hoarders series. If this is what his internet space looks like, imagine what his damn closet is like.

I think most of the imagery probably has some sort of copyright on them – so no stealing for commercial use – but use it as a springboard for inspiration! Some more random selections after the jump!

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July 28, 2008

the idea is older than we thought

So I open my new National Geographic to lay my peepers on this. Looks like a chicken with a gentleman’s head. Looks surprisingly similar to this:

From my post about Runny Bunny a while back! What the what?

Turns out, Sir Chicken is a total mystery. He is part of Afghanistan’s wealth of artifacts hidden for years of turmoil. He may have arrived there through trade, he may be indigenous, he may be from Mars. Isn’t he the greatest??