Hey there local OKGreatsters – tonight is PechaKucha night in Durham.

PechaKucha Night is a networking / meetup / presentation event for designers, thinkers, and anyone else with an open mind.  The presentations at PK follow the 20 x 20 rule - twenty slides, twenty seconds per slide.  The slides progress automatically and the presenter hopefully keeps up with the action.  I’ve also heard there’s beer involved (I’ve never been).

Looking through the presenters list, it looks like a lot of interesting ground will be covered – from ‘Ephiphany Farming’ to ‘Advancing Civil Rights in Raleigh’.  Entrance is free, beer is free, but you have to register ahead of time (before 6pm tonight).  See y’all there.

For all of you out there who aren’t lucky enough to live in our fair Triangle, there’s probably a PechaKucha night near you.  Of note - renowned ‘Fiercest Town in America’ will be hosting one on June 24th.