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June 27, 2012

Redesign Giveaway #1

Let’s get this giveaway extravaganza kicked off right, shall we!?

Brainstorm – ‘Planets Poster’

The amazing duo Brainstorm from Portsmouth, who recently teamed up with another amazing duo we all know so well, has generously donated one of their kickass screen prints! The print is signed & stamped by Brainstorm and at 16 x 20 it will fit most standard frames.

Carolin Harris – Stick Stack

Our very own (we’re lucky to have one!) Carolin Harris has graciously offered her latest screenprinted poster ‘Stick Stack’. This poster is rad, people. (Pro tip: rollover Carolin’s author tag on her posts to see a sneak peak of her printing the poster!)

Bound Custom Journals – Designer Camouflage Journal

Finally, another good citizen of OK Greatland, Michael Faber & his team at Bound Custom Journals has donated one of their limited edition journals. Details from Michael: A Bound “Uncustom” Journal from the folks at  The Designer Camouflage edition is a short-run (only about 30 made) of memo notebooks with alternating dot grid and lined pages within.  And we’ll throw in a sticker.  And maybe some other Bound loot, too.  YOU NEVER KNOW.

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A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone that donated to our first giveaway pack. Y’all are about as awesome as a bloomin’ onion.

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You may enter all three giveaway contests using three different methods. If you enter using all three methods below, you will be entered into this giveaway a total of three times. That’s math & that’s awesome.

UPDATE – Please enter via twitter & facebook while we fix our dang commenting system. Thank you! Commenting is back up & running!

1. Enter by commenting below.
2. Enter by sharing this post on twitter & commenting on this post with a link to your tweet.
3. Enter by sharing this post on facebook & commenting on this post with a link to your facebook post.

Submissions close for Giveaway #1 on Wednesday, July 4th. 

Good luck & remember Giveaway #2 kicks off tomorrow!


June 25, 2012

OK Great Two Point Oh!

You can file this away as some of the most important news you’ll read all morning: OK Great finally bought a new pair of pants.

Four years and four months after we began, we’ve finally redesigned our site and we couldn’t be: 1. More pleased with how it turned out and 2. More shocked that it’s actually, finally, seriously done! If you’re brand new here, here is a link to the posthumous original site (recreated to protect the dignity of all of us designers) as a reference point to how far we’ve come. Take some time to poke around the new digs & please let us know what you think.

First off, the crew at OK Great would like to thank Todd Synan for being such a generous & patient dude. He’s the genius behind the saucy rollover functionality on our striped header. Yaaaaaaaa. Needless to say, Todd is an outstanding front-end developer so please help us repay our debt by hiring him on your next web project. (Ask about his specials on powerpoint & keynote layouts!)

We’d also like to thank all of our readers for their dedication over the past four years. This is an absolute labor of love for all of us here, so we truly appreciate all of your love & support!

Finally, to further revel in the glory that is our new site, we’re going to run THREE giveaways starting tomorrow!! We’ll be posting one giveaway a day from Wednesday the 27th through Friday the 29th. You can enter all three giveaways and you can enter each one multiple times by 1. commenting on the post; 2. sharing on Twitter; 3. sharing on Facebook.



December 2, 2011

The design in politics: 2012

You may have noticed, (well, maybe you haven’t) I’ve been absent for a while. That’s because I’ve recently entered the strange and adrenalin filled world of politics. More specifically, I’ve been tracking, following and reporting on the upcoming republican primary. I also happen to live in NH. Not sure if you heard, but we’re a pretty big deal when it comes to primaries.

Before the audible shock wave crosses the entire internet, let me explain one thing: I’m not interested in voting for a Republican candidate. I am interested in getting them to declare clearly what their stance is on certain issues. These guys can be a little vague at times. I’m also very, very interested in how the candidates communicate with potential voters. Their website is a good starting point for discussion. After the jump, I’ve spared you the pain of actually going to these sites and gave you a screen snap of (almost) everyone who is vying for a spot against Barack Obama in 2012. His website, as you can see above, is kinda awesome in terms of design. And when I say “awesome,” I think I mean targeted towards me – a fairly young voter with an eye for good looking things. Just look at those vintage-toned photos of gorgeous love birds M & B!

Read and see more after the jump.

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