October 15, 2012


One of my favorite aspects of working at Wieden+Kennedy is that I get to be around and be inspired by so many amazing artists, many of whom have been featured here. Today—let’s add Ramon Coronado and his side business to that list. His bio is impressive and humbling—and so is he. Public-Library is a non-traditional design group formed by himself and equally as impressive Marshall Rake.

Keywords: Swiss inspired, experimental and well-considered typography, unexpected and superbly executed design.

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October 12, 2012

aitch and saddo


Two of my favorite illustrators, Saddo and Aitch, who are coincidentally also a couple have just released what I believe is their first small screen printed poster series. The money made from the sales go towards shipping the artists over the Canada from Romania for their first North American gallery show. Show some love!


October 12, 2012

30 Reasons.

Second round of 30 Reasons. Second time loving it. [You guys know where I stand politically] This one, by Elizabeth Amorose, is rad. Check the site daily or subscribe to the emails. And then—go vote.




October 5, 2012


I had never heard of Susan Worsham before.

Now, after having taken the time to look through her beautiful, honest and eerily nostalgic photographs—her stories are all-encompassing.

This particular series, “Some Fox Trails in Virginia”, is meant to be a “metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home.”


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October 2, 2012

You can’t slam an iphone down

As a small business owner, like most other small biz owners I imagine, we don’t use a landline at our office. Everyone just works off of their iPhone, which is great. Most of the time. But there are those times when I want to rip a phone off the ringer and scream, “WHAT?!” like an alternate universe Don Draper.

I’ve seen plenty of those old-school-rotary-phone-looking iPhone attachments but you know, I hate irony. And most things on that knick knacks wall at Urban Outfitters. The Curve BT iDock serves more as a phone than a hipster conversation piece. Placing an order now; slamming a phone down like a bawse next week.


September 7, 2012

Tokujin Yoshioka

Whilst I am enjoying what is shaping up to be a 90 degree day in SUNNY Portland, OR—why don’t we have a look at the mindblowing art of Tokujin Yoshioka, specifically his 2010 Snow—Sensing Nature exhibition. He is known both for his beautiful design and art, as he crosses boundaries between retail collaborations with Issey Miyake, Hermes and Svarovski.

Oh and: watch a video about it here.

Happy Friday Friends (HFF)!

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September 5, 2012

Adam James Turnbull

Sometimes it’s nice to work with a fucking pro. It just makes your life easier. There’s no hand holding. No primadonna whining. No. Headaches.

I recently had the pleasure of working on a quick-turnaround-low-budget-conceptually-limited project that required the skills of an illustrator to see the concept through to completion. Lucky for me, I got to work with a fucking pro.

Thanks, Adam. Next time, Immuna make like Kenny Effin P and throw you a fast ball right down the middle so you can really hit for the bleachers.



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