Brendan Ward

 | Durham, NC@bjamesward  |  Portfolio

Brendan is an art director & graphic designer living in dirty Durham, NC with his wife Ellie and their hound Sienna. When it’s game time, you’ll find Brendan at a local pub, drinking Bells Two Hearted IPA and rooting for Liverpool soccer or UNC basketball. He’s a fan of street art, handmade typography, Swiss design, screen printed posters, ligatures, email signatures, beaches and mountains, awkward pauses, helvetica, die cuts & life in Durham

Carolin Harris

 | Portland, ORPortfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter | Revel

Carolin Harris is a graphic designer, living in Portland, Oregon, with her lovely husband, daughter, and two dogs. She lives for typography and loves anything that can be identified as RAD. When not at Wieden+Kennedy, she is working with her business partner, Janice Grube, on launching the cultural guidebook Revel (in New York) in Portland. And enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. And making sure she doesn’t forget her native language, German. And doing Yoga.


Dylan Haigh

 | Portsmouth, NHHaigh and Martino, @dylan_haigh@hamportsmouth

Dylan Haigh is a burly wilderman from the frosty northlands of New Hampshire with a passion for design, illustration and photography and on a less relevant note, skateboarding, Wu Tang, American tattooing and Muay Thai. He’s lived in Boston, NY, North Carolina and some mysterious mountain ranges, worked in the record industry, advertising, printing and…oar-making. Currently, he owns and operates a creative services shop in downtown Portsmouth, NH called Haigh and Martino, HAM for short, with his wife Kristy. I’M GONNA LIVE FOREVER!!!!


Jared Laham

 | Portsmouth, NH@thesolidstudios  +  dribbble

Jared is a creative director living in Portsmouth NH. He enjoys the great outdoors, handmade type, homemade beef jerky, and all things design. He votes Nikon over Canon, dogs over cats, chocolate over vanilla, jeans over slacks, and fist bumps over high fives.


Kristy Martino

 | Portsmouth, NHHAM | @kristymartino

Kristy is one half of the power duo that makes up the creative services agency called HAM. Born and raised in Binghamton, NY ( a great town for drug dealers), educated in New York, NY (a great town for all kinds of Greyhound bus crazy) and finally content with her husband, Dylan and two cats in Portsmouth, NH (a great town for boat shoes). She’s most likely playing Billy Joel songs on the piano or reading a 2600 page biography of LBJ.

Michael Faber

Michael Faber

 | Durham, NC@faberdesign / Bound Custom Journals / portfolio

Michael is a Multimedia Specialist (IT nerd) for Duke by day and the Creative Director & Cofounder of Bound Custom Journals by night/weekend/lunch hour.  With Bound, his main jobs include designing content, tweaking the website, and fondling paper.  He loves posters, cooking (and, naturally, eating), photography, things with Quality, people with Gumption, and he is a budding charcutier (yes, he makes his own bacon).  His barbeque style is western (don’t hate) and his peanut butter style is crunchy.  He lives with his girlfriend Amanda in their little yellow house and their three critters, Stella and Mabel the dogs and Pekoe the cat.



Michael Lassiter

 | Durham, NC@m_lassiter  /  portfolio  /  Labor & Curse

Michael is a freelance graphic designer living in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Dragana, their little girl Jana, a dog named Asa, and Mila, a cat that seldom moves. Haunted by the visual auras he gets moments before intense migraines, Michael strives for clarity in his design work. He has lived in North Dakota, California, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Serbia, and has every intention to continue adding to that list. When not online “working”, you can find him cooking vegan food, cursing a turntable that always skips, or sweeping up fur.



Nicole Kraieski

 | Boston, MAPortfolio

Nicole Kraieski is a freelance designer + cupcake enthusiast. She loves bright colors, publications, cute +/or tiny things, typography, illustration + animation. When she’s not busy being a design demon (her words), she likes to go on adventures, read, play soccer + hang out with her mutt puppy Kava.


Steve Becker

 | Asheville, NC@bigbridgedesign, Portfolio

Steve is a creative director making his way in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife Katherine and their two “huskies,” Dottie and Mingus. He enjoys NC BBQ, Range Rover Classics, yard sales, craft beer, live music, brussels sprouts, anything mid-century, and watching over his garden on perfect mountain mornings.  Oh, and he never fakes the funk.  Ever.