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December 29, 2011

Herriott Grace.

There are so many small mom and pop shops out there making amazing things. This one though, Herriott Grace, is a Dad-Daughter collaboration. One that spans across multiple states. Where the Dad, Lance, is the maker and his daughter shares his craft with the world. Both his and her talent are to die for. Just look at these rich photographs. I want to buy everything on the site. As should you.

And read their blog when you have some time. It’s beautiful.

PS: The site looks rad thanks to the endlessly talented OMFGCO .

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November 9, 2011

Etsy finds: Laptop cases

I just took the plunge and bought a new 15″ MacBook Pro. Though upgrading was long over due, it’s always scary to drop that much money on a computer. I’ve been surfing the web looking for a case for my new friend, and here are some cute options I found on Etsy:

(clockwise from top left)
1. OggoThings
2. JiuJiu
3. BluCase
4. BagyBag


October 4, 2011

eye sea

Waaaaiiiiit. These aren’t uninspired ripoffs created in corel draw and printed on your mom’s hp deskjet 48000?

Nope! Eye Sea Posters sources original vintage movie posters made by the original designers that originally designed them. And they’re not that pricey! Very original.


August 8, 2011

Poler. Gear for people.

When a company that you believe in comes out with a bunch of cool shit, it’s a good day.

Poler is just that.
In their own words:

POLER makes sleeping bags, tents, and bags that don’t require hundreds of buckles, shiny plastic do-dads everywhere, and enough velcro to choke a camel. Poler Camping Stuff is simple, good looking gear for people that are travelers, couch surfers, regular surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, parents, kids, car campers and anyone else looking for something that looks good is a good value and is all about having fun on the road and in the outdoors.


AND! Now they sell their rad shirts.

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May 27, 2011

Faile Puzzle Boxes

Goddamn, I love Faile. They’ve done it again with a collection of screen-printed wood puzzle blocks that come in a handy, not to mention, ridiculously sick looking case. It’s kind of the ultimate in art meets art lover collaboration. Each puzzle has 3 original Faile designs, but as they say themselves, “in your hands, the real number is infinite. Just swap, flip, and rotate the blocks to juxtapose the imagery and create new compositions. Or, simply have fun solving the puzzle.”

I love it. So how much does it cost? Oh, $15,000.00? Coooooooool.

Thank you, Faile, for at least making an interactive website where I can enjoy the puzzles for free.



April 1, 2011

Who’s crafty?

I’m ashamed to admit that I have only recently discovered the SOWA Open Market – Boston’s original weekly outdoor and indie market. I’m less ashamed to admit that the idea of “crafts” kind of makes me super nauseous sometimes. I mean, really. Can we talk about this for a minute? I’ve never been to the notoriously awesome markets like Renegade-I know those have more good than bad. Around here, we tend to see the same kind of faux vintage-y thing in every stall. So I feel I have some justification for barfing at the thought of $45 bead necklaces that spell out “live, laugh, love.” GROSS.

However, since I’ve been raising the flag for doing shit with your hands, my uber-un-neuseatingly crafty friend Mary and I have decided to…get crafty. Ugh. But considering that the design work and identity for SOWA is pretty dope, I figure it’s gotta be more screenprinted canvas bags with subtle drug references on them as opposed to poorly knit scarves for cats.

Here’s where you guys come in: I need your opinions, suggestions, complaints, etc. What do you wish you could see more at these kinds of markets? What would you like to see less of? What have you bought? What have you rolled your eyes at?

And for all of you NH locals, Portsmouth will have it’s very own market at Strawberry Banke starting this June.

If you’re not local, this might be yet another great excuse to see the magical seacoast and visit your pals. EH-HEM, BECKERS.


February 1, 2011

mugtree by supafrank


Mugtree is a new product from London’s Supafrank, a new design imprint started in 2010 by Katie Steel + Vicki Turner.

Lasercut, clean, unique, holds 4 cups at once, recyclable, made of 100% post-consumer waste + available now in the Supafrank store.


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