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March 28, 2011

an artist without boundaries.


someone who can pick up any sort of material and make a conceptual, amazing work of art out of it—creating a world in which everything becomes more as a whole than it is by itself. (yes. think deep philosophical backdrop for your monday morning ponder).

Thanks Frederico Uribe for your meticulously formed, ridiculously executed and beautifully presented works of art.

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March 16, 2011


I love old large metal light-up signs. No shocker, right?

Aleksi Hautamäki + fellow designers at Bond-Agency have scavenged old light-up signs, gutted them and added some new LED hotness. It’s always great to see iconic things from our past brought back to life with a new age twist. Especially when the photos look this good.

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January 31, 2011

where you can stop growing up.

Ever wanted to get back to childhood and run away to hide in your favorite fort/treehouse/cardboard structure?

Well, today is one of those days for me. This knit fort by Matt Gagnon Studio (“famed design office and craftsmen atelier”) would be the perfect remedy. What an incredibly constructed object—perfect for children but also for anyone who understands the beauty of well-crafted, beautifully engineered and yet simple wood objects.

Quoted from the site:

Depending on the scale, the surface can remain elastic allowing the occupant to manipulate and deform the profile. The shape can be expanded or contracted to alter the apertures of the space. The participatory aspect of the surface prolongs the process of creation and allows fine tuning the boundary of the space.

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September 16, 2010

Tire Sculptures by Ji Yong Ho

Ji Yong Ho makes sculptures out of recycled tires that, if they were to ever magically come alive, would probably kill us all.  The choice of material is pretty perfect for creating the muscley, sinewy texture of his powerful mutants, as he calls them.  Also not a bad way to put a piece of waste to good use.  Some of his pieces went on display today at the Gana Art Gallery in Busan, South Korea.


September 3, 2010

Pietro Sanguineti

naked, 2009, Sanded aluminum, lacquer, 55 x 205 x 32 cm
Courtesy Galerie Nusser & Baumgart, München  Munich;  Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt am Main
Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul, Berlin

I found Pietro’s work while browsing a few gallery websites but was disappointed to learn he didn’t have a website of his own. I generally prefer posting artists with their own sites, because then I know I’m referring readers to a collection of works curated by the artists themselves. So what did I do?? I did the unthinkable! I actually got in touch with the artist himself. Interviews aside, I hate that I rarely get in touch with the artists that I showcase here.

So I caught up with Pietro via Facebook (I finally found it’s purpose) and he was kind enough to prepare a set of his favorite pieces to share with you! He also shared his artist statement which can be found after the jump.

It’s Pietro’s installation & sculpture work that I most admire in his portfolio. His work explores the realm of semiotics and the balance between visual & language perceptions through oversize constructions of words & phrases. There’s something mesmerizing & provoking about seeing a giant word hung in a gallery. Despite the fact that it’s a word we can all visually interpret the same way, just like an abstract painting, we can also read different things into the piece.  Like any true gallery artist worth his salt, Pietro labors over the construction of the word sculptures, and they are an art form in themselves. So all of you modern art haters should at least appreciate the craftsmanship.

Statement, images, & exhibit info after the jump!

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August 27, 2010

I’ll look rich when I’m dead

That is a Gucci bag made out of paper. For realz.

Au Yeung Ping Chi is a paper artist that has taken over his father’s effigy business, creating paper masterpieces fashioned after materials coveted by Hong Kong’s hip youth…that died young.

From Tiffany Lam and Zoe Li’s CNN article,

“The Chinese custom of burning paper offerings to the dead spawned the paper effigy business, in which scaled-down versions of items that are considered luxurious and desirable to the living, such as gold watches, cars, or even maids, are rendered with paper. The items are burned at gravesites in order to “deliver” them to the underworld where the dearly departed can receive them.”

No. Shit. Ok, I’m into it.

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August 5, 2010

Daisy Lew

Daisy Lew is a young graphic artist that I found via Behance (AKA the place that makes me feel bad about myself). I love these pop-up books about NYC (AKA the city I miss most and the place where the really great baseball comes from). According to her site, she was born in IL, raised in Soul, has worked as an intern for The Donna Karen Company and is fluent in Korean. All around awesome. Check out the rest of her pop-up images after the jump. There is so much more to be seen.

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June 9, 2010

Yoskay Yamamoto

Yoskay Yamamoto is an up and coming artist from Japan who does some amazing sculpture work and acrylic paintings.  He is kicking off his third solo show entitled “Familiar Strangers” on June 12th in LA and I totally wish I could go.  This video is a well produced and shot teaser behind the scenes view of Yoskay doing his thing, creating some solid work.  Did I mention this was all shot on a Canon DSLR?

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