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June 8, 2010

We call it fútbol.

Here at OK Great Worldwide Headquarters (ie. each of our individual living rooms), we’re all getting psyched about the World Cup – donning our favorite country’s facepaint and tuning our vuvuzelas. We’ve put together an ESPN group bracket challenge – kind of like the college basketball tournament challenge, but times a billion.

You can join our bracket here – just make sure you fill it out and submit before Friday’s kickoff.  Also, when you’re picking teams, the order that you select each team out of the group round determines where they are seeded for the round of 16.

Winner will enjoy epic glory, immortal fame, and four straight years of bragging rights.


April 28, 2010

screen rant’s minimalist superhero posters

In celebration of the upcoming movie season [specifically, the release of Iron Man 2], Screen Rant has released a series of 30 awesome minimalist superhero posters. They even included some of the more unconventional superheroes, like Quail Man and Darkwing Duck. If you love superheroes like I do, you should check out the whole set, it’ll make your day!


April 22, 2010

Your Inner Burt

Remember the dudes that played croquet with us last year? No, not the beer guys… nope, not the dudes that won either. I’m talking about the good people from the Durham based ad agency Baldwin&. (I think they placed second – which ain’t too shabby considering the stiff competition.) ANYWAY – in honor of Earth Day, David & his team have launched a microsite and a brilliant campaign for Burts Bees encouraging people to ‘find their inner Burt.’ Read about the project here & then visit the site. Always wonderful to see such excellent work from local creatives.

Check back in a week for an interview with David about the project and about their future ambitions in the world of croquet!


February 25, 2010


Remember Haik Avanian? Remember how I mentioned his mom will recycle your old sweaters by knitting them into something new for you? Last night, on my ride home from work, NPR did a story about Haik and his mother Gayane. Sounds like their little Reknit operation is really blowing up. Listen to the interview below or read the story here!

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October 30, 2009

Halloweeeeen Masks!


So you’re bored at work/at home/in jail/whatever and the day is just creeping along as it does before any awesome holiday. Your colleagues/roomates/jailmates keep looking at you with those dang faces of theirs. Perhaps it’s time you stare them down with a newer, more badass face. Perhaps it’s time for HALLOWEEN MASKS!

Islam & I developed two different masks for you to download, cut out, and wear over the Halloween weekend!! We’ve got a creeeepy frankenstein mask & an awesome cat mask (with lips!?!) for your enjoyment. I would recommend first cutting out the masks and then taping a pen/popsicle stick/prison shiv to the back to hold it up. This way you can pop in and out of character with ease!




October 19, 2009


It’s no surprise that social media has opened my eyes up to new things that I would have otherwise overlooked. It’s no surprise that I’m more well informed about such crucial issues as ballon boys, backstage runway gossip and uh, Jon and Kate. However, today I challenged Flickr and I challenged myself. Could I possibly have a change of heart in regards to one of my longest loathed items – Boston, MA? Could I be so visually swayed?

Surprise! I found some cool shit.


These images are all from the Boston Mob flickr pool (users credited by rolling over images) and are all Boston. Since I am now living in the all powerful, all knowing, O.G. “New England”-I figure I better clean up my attitude. Somewhat. These images got me excited to discover yet another new city’s underbelly. It’s winding streets, ethnic food carts and stupid bridges. Whatchoo got Beantown?

See / read more after the jump.

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September 10, 2009


It’s almost Friday and this week has really filled me up to the brim with rage cakes. I’m going to do things a bit differently today and start it off with a simple punch list; these dudes have got me hitting the heavy bag Rocky style in anticipation of maybe perhaps running into them on the street. With my fist.

Read the list of targets after the Mozz ridiculousness…


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