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August 7, 2012

Girl Walk All Day X More & Co.

We went to one of my favorite places in the world this weekend, Mass Moca, to see Girl Walk // All Day play on the big screen out in the courtyard and under the stars. That all sounds wonderful I’m sure, but nothing compares to how actually wonderful, uplifting and exciting it really was that night.

You’ll have to watch the movie (you can see the whole thing on the website, buy the DVD or come to 3S Artspace in Portsmouth where they’ll be showing it on a huge, inflatable big screen to close out the tour in September) to get the full effect of what kind of all-consuming happiness it fills your soul with – but here are a few pics I snapped at the DANCE PARTY that happened after the screening. That’s right. Dance party. If you watch this movie, there is NO WAY YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GET UP AND DANCE.

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June 15, 2012

Graphic Design. Now in Production

A/ I really need everyone on the East Coast to go see this.

B/ “Co-organized by Andrew Blauvelt of the Walker Art Center and Ellen Lupton of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Graphic Design—Now in Production is the single largest exhibition of contemporary graphic design to take place in the United States in over 15 years.”

C/ Imagine being tasked (BY THE WALKER!!) to create an identity system and exhibit space for this. No big deal right?

Project Projects does it, again. They continue to create beautiful, meaningful, time-sensitive but also timeless work that strikes by simplicity and conceptual strength, by printed matter and exhibition design.  Just incredible (and rad).

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June 4, 2012

The Art of Hanging: Seed & Pulp Printmaking Show

This past Friday was special for all of us here in Portsmouth, NH. It marked the first opening of the Seed & Pulp show for Store Gallery at 3S Artspace. Guest curated by my main man, Dylan Haigh – it brought together printmakers from around the world to show off the hand-touched medium. It took us (note: when I use the word “us” I really mean Dylan and the fantastic group of super fine volunteers, board members and partners at 3S – I just did a mediocre job of adding my unwanted opinion here and there) a couple of months of blood, sweat and freak outs to get this off the ground and ready for the First Friday Art walk in town.

To our delight and surprise, people (over 600 of them) really came out in full force to see the new space and the work. We opened at 5pm and had a continuos stream of people walking in and out, purchased prints in hand. I think one of the biggest successes of the night was the fact that people had a chance to really hang. They could walk through and look at everything on the walls and then sit outside and chat about art, Portsmouth, music, 3S, summertime, whatever. I’ve been to a fair share of art openings and my biggest complaint is always the fact that I get all dressed up and when I get there, I walk in and walk out which – all in all, takes only about 15 minutes. It’s often the art that has me bored or the discouraging fact that I can’t actually purchase anything and bring it home. A printmaking show with more accessible prices (most were in the range of $25-$75) solves that problem for sure.

For me, it was a great shift in perspective. Portsmouth is small town on the scale of my own life experience. Seed & Pulp reminded me that even in a small town, you can’t know everything and everyone. You can always learn something from and be inspired by someone new. There were so many cool looking people that I had never seen in town before! So many lucite eye glasses that I wanted! Seed & Pulp gave us all a night to think and talk about really important things like art, community and…corpse paint. Really, at one point I do remember Dylan’s mom telling us that her favorite piece was Caitlin Gallupe’s “Winter Solstice Pizza Party” (see below) and Dylan tried to explain that the face paint wasn’t KISS related. See, everyone got a valuable education. More importantly, they came, they bought, they got excited. That’s really all we could have hoped for.

If you don’t live in New England, don’t worry. What hasn’t already sold out is still available for purchase online at the 3S store.


February 17, 2012


I just got waaaaaay too excited about this when I read about it on Creative Review’s blog (which, by the way, if that shit is not in your google reader, you are missing out).

The Ri Channel is a new online project by the Royal Institution showcasing the very best science videos from the Ri and around the web with an aim to “connect people to the world of science.” Well, if it looks this good and Carl Sagan is on the front page, I’m sold. And definitely connected.

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February 7, 2012

Our powers combined: Industry Standard

Yes. That’s correct. We’ve started a new business. A year after we opened Haigh & Martino in our bedroom and a few years after we became internet friends with Brainstorm (remember the rad giveaway we did with them!!??) we combined forces and have opened Industry Standard, a screen printing shop with the greatest intentions. We’ll be working with talented artists whether they’re a big name already or waiting to be discovered by readers or kids with crisp bills at craft shows.

Things have been moving fast, to say the least. The pic above is from a recent open house for important people at 3S Artspace, where our studio (both HAM, Brainstorm and IN/ST combined workspace) is located. We’ve been lucky to become friends with the founder of 3S, all around amazing dude, Chris Greiner (he sings and surfs!!) and we’re ecstatic to be housed in the next hub of all things creative in Portsmouth, NH. 3S will be turning into a music venue, an art gallery and a farm to table restaurant. Not a bad place for us to be. I can just imagine working all day in the studio and walking downstairs to check out the band and grab a beer at the bar. WHAAAT?!!? Dreams, people. Dreams. They sometimes surprise you and come true.

3S was kind enough to offer us a ginormous (albeit real raw) space and with a little elbow grease, some pallets and a lot of love for what we do, we’ve got it into working condition with enough room for every-thang. And then some.

The greatest thing about Industry Standard so far? If it’s not the lunchtime frisbee/skateboarding breaks, the bobby bottleservice jokes, serious shop talk about paper stock or the sheer thrill of walking into a space that looks and feels like who we all are and want to be – then it’s definitely being in business with great people who love to work hard and play even harder.

If you’re an artists who needs screen printing, give us a holler.

If you’re a bright young thing looking to make your life truly yours, I hope this post inspires you to jump into it. Fully. We have and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. So far.


December 2, 2011

The design in politics: 2012

You may have noticed, (well, maybe you haven’t) I’ve been absent for a while. That’s because I’ve recently entered the strange and adrenalin filled world of politics. More specifically, I’ve been tracking, following and reporting on the upcoming republican primary. I also happen to live in NH. Not sure if you heard, but we’re a pretty big deal when it comes to primaries.

Before the audible shock wave crosses the entire internet, let me explain one thing: I’m not interested in voting for a Republican candidate. I am interested in getting them to declare clearly what their stance is on certain issues. These guys can be a little vague at times. I’m also very, very interested in how the candidates communicate with potential voters. Their website is a good starting point for discussion. After the jump, I’ve spared you the pain of actually going to these sites and gave you a screen snap of (almost) everyone who is vying for a spot against Barack Obama in 2012. His website, as you can see above, is kinda awesome in terms of design. And when I say “awesome,” I think I mean targeted towards me – a fairly young voter with an eye for good looking things. Just look at those vintage-toned photos of gorgeous love birds M & B!

Read and see more after the jump.

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September 23, 2011

Metropolis with Alloy Orchestra

The first time I saw Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, I think I was 14 and in the greatest english class ever (R.I.P. Ms. Bertie Lord!) so I thought I would never be in a better atmosphere to fully absorb that masterpiece. In fact, I kind of forgot about it until we went to Mass Moca recently and saw a screening of it alongside a live orchestra performing their own score to the silent film. God damn, if it wasn’t one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in a long, long, long time.

Alloy Orchestra was a 3 piece band of superhuman rhythm and stamina. The film is over two hours long and there are very few moments of hushed pianissimo sound. Besides impressing us with their sheer physicality, the soundtrack they created was impeccable and perfect in every scene. The bowel like, monotonous percussion accompanying the workers as they march like robots into the city, the shrieking, tense pitch of the flood as the children crawl and crowd Maria in the square – AMAZING.

This is actually a behind the scenes shot of the flood scene. Even the stills look awe inspiring.

Sometimes when you’re sitting in a theatre, watching scene after scene, shot after shot pass before your eyes, it’s overwhelming. I like looking back at the stills (you can see those and more behind the scenes photos at the Metropolis website) since every single piece of the set is so meticulously designed.

The combination of sight and live sound both at their peak of greatness in a theatre at my favorite contemporary art museum?

Well, it made for an experience that will stick to my bones for a long time. And that’s the stuff I live for.


September 8, 2011

This is a 9/11 post

This sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11. On Wednesday, NYC mayor Bloomberg and almost everyone else working on the new World Trade Center site held a press conference to give yet another thin update on building progress. I feel like the process has been long and empty – but I was thrilled to see Silverstein properties come out with a moving video to re-stimulate my interest and connection to the site.


The video (more like a short film, really) mixes live action, tilt shift and impressive CGI effects to tell the story of a new World Trade Center. Surprisingly, (though it’s been a big piece of the winners and losers bidding to build) there are green spaces and water features. It’s calm and thriving and new and somehow, even with it’s soaring heights, modest. After all NYC and the rest of the country have been through, it seems like a high point. Finally, after all this time.

Also, here is a link to an incredible article that my good friend sent me on grief and western culture’s abandonment of grieving rituals. It just makes me think about all those times when I felt a splinter of anger rise up in me when someone very, very far removed from the tragedy of 9/11 somehow makes a distant connection to the death and destruction via the friend of a 3rd cousing or something. I used to think that they had no right to feel the same way I felt about 9/11 – I was there, they were in Wisconsin or something. I’m rethinking that now. In a situation this big and sad, I guess we all need to grieve.

This Sunday, I’ll take a moment to remember that day back in 2001 and thank all the men and women involved in responding, recovering and rebuilding. I hope you do too.



June 29, 2011

rainbow city

Many of you are probably familiar with the artists/toy makers/creators of all things cute+happy, FriendsWithYou. To celebrate the opening of Section 2 of the High Line Park in NYC, they teamed up with AOL to create a 40-piece environmental installation called Rainbow City. As you can see from the pictures above, this installation is pretty much a playground of brightly colored inflatable creatures, and it looks like so much fun! If you are planning a visit to NYC, the exhibition will be open until July 5, so you still have some time to swing by and check it out. You can visit FriendsWithYou’s website for more photos & information.


June 1, 2011

Freaker Love

You’ve got to love the enthusiasm & passion for these people trying to get their handmade bottle sleeve operation off the ground. I’m willing to bet 10 freakers that if you take the time to watch their video above, you’re guaranteed to donate something to their kickstarter campaign. If you don’t then you probably have ice in your veins. Which means you could probably use a torso sized freaker. Which I guess is another name for a sweater.


Thanks to the talented Talia Ledner for bringing this to our attention!


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