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December 3, 2012

The Shape of Music – Martin Wattenberg

Ever think about what music “looks” like? Many songwriters talk about visualizing the shape of their songs. Frank Zappa used to “draw” his music when he composed, visually represent it through arcs and blobs and stretching blips. Martin Wattenberg, as he states on his site “created a visualization method called an arc diagram that highlighted repeated sections of music–or of any sequence–with translucent arcs.” COOL.

The above diagram represents Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Autumn. You can listen to it here.

Of course, as someone who is discovering music (theory, performance, composition and really why I like the shit I like) all over again as an adult, this, I imagine, is how an eleven year old boy feels like when he opens a certain drawer in his father’s dresser while home alone for the first time. It also may be helpful to express my musical ecstasy by providing you with a visual of the guy who introduced me to Wattenberg’s work. My piano teacher, Mike Effenberger:

I mean, look at the dude. He’s obviously a mad genius. (Photo by Enna Grazier at a PMAC fundraising event – p.s. PMAC is AMESOME).

He also happens to be the perfect fit for me as a teacher. Proof being that he knew how much of a visual person I am and that, to make the connection between the seeing and hearing world would be a huge turning point for me as a student, artist and not to get too dramatic here (but it is So. True.) a better fucking human being. If you like smart experimentation rooted in supreme knowledge and curiosity, you should check out one of the 80 projects Mike is a part of. It’ll change how you see and hear the world.

But, back to Wattenberg…

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August 20, 2012

Poetic Jewelry: Giulia Ruffatti

Giulia Ruffatti is an Italian artist creating pieces of wearable history, or more simply, jewelry about you. If you have a certain memory, passion, dream or identifiable trait, Ruffatti (with the help of several people now that her business has grown) will select and create a variety of bobbles, creatures, symbols and materials to create a necklace, bracelet or even a compass to represent her customer. Oh, and she’ll pair each piece with an original poem that further describes you, the wearer.

On the surface, if I hadn’t seen the actual pieces, this description alone might make me cringe and think of patchouli. That may just be because I’m a fairly cynical, judgemental beotch. However, I’m also incredibly self-absorbed and the idea that someone could make a piece of loudly over-sized jewelry that would describe my deepest desires and nightmares for all to see around my neck – well that made me look.

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August 7, 2012

Girl Walk All Day X More & Co.

We went to one of my favorite places in the world this weekend, Mass Moca, to see Girl Walk // All Day play on the big screen out in the courtyard and under the stars. That all sounds wonderful I’m sure, but nothing compares to how actually wonderful, uplifting and exciting it really was that night.

You’ll have to watch the movie (you can see the whole thing on the website, buy the DVD or come to 3S Artspace in Portsmouth where they’ll be showing it on a huge, inflatable big screen to close out the tour in September) to get the full effect of what kind of all-consuming happiness it fills your soul with – but here are a few pics I snapped at the DANCE PARTY that happened after the screening. That’s right. Dance party. If you watch this movie, there is NO WAY YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GET UP AND DANCE.

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June 4, 2012

The Art of Hanging: Seed & Pulp Printmaking Show

This past Friday was special for all of us here in Portsmouth, NH. It marked the first opening of the Seed & Pulp show for Store Gallery at 3S Artspace. Guest curated by my main man, Dylan Haigh – it brought together printmakers from around the world to show off the hand-touched medium. It took us (note: when I use the word “us” I really mean Dylan and the fantastic group of super fine volunteers, board members and partners at 3S – I just did a mediocre job of adding my unwanted opinion here and there) a couple of months of blood, sweat and freak outs to get this off the ground and ready for the First Friday Art walk in town.

To our delight and surprise, people (over 600 of them) really came out in full force to see the new space and the work. We opened at 5pm and had a continuos stream of people walking in and out, purchased prints in hand. I think one of the biggest successes of the night was the fact that people had a chance to really hang. They could walk through and look at everything on the walls and then sit outside and chat about art, Portsmouth, music, 3S, summertime, whatever. I’ve been to a fair share of art openings and my biggest complaint is always the fact that I get all dressed up and when I get there, I walk in and walk out which – all in all, takes only about 15 minutes. It’s often the art that has me bored or the discouraging fact that I can’t actually purchase anything and bring it home. A printmaking show with more accessible prices (most were in the range of $25-$75) solves that problem for sure.

For me, it was a great shift in perspective. Portsmouth is small town on the scale of my own life experience. Seed & Pulp reminded me that even in a small town, you can’t know everything and everyone. You can always learn something from and be inspired by someone new. There were so many cool looking people that I had never seen in town before! So many lucite eye glasses that I wanted! Seed & Pulp gave us all a night to think and talk about really important things like art, community and…corpse paint. Really, at one point I do remember Dylan’s mom telling us that her favorite piece was Caitlin Gallupe’s “Winter Solstice Pizza Party” (see below) and Dylan tried to explain that the face paint wasn’t KISS related. See, everyone got a valuable education. More importantly, they came, they bought, they got excited. That’s really all we could have hoped for.

If you don’t live in New England, don’t worry. What hasn’t already sold out is still available for purchase online at the 3S store.


May 14, 2012

MONIKA PATUSZYNSKA: Transformy, more than pottery

Monika Patuszynska has been working in porcelain ceramics for over ten years now. A Polish artist, she has begun experimenting with the timeline of her process; namely, working backwards for form. Instead of beginning with casting and molding, she’s leaving that as one of the last acts. In her latest line, Transformy, you can see that Patuszynska has created something entirely new and exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it and I surely have never posted about ceramics – it usually doesn’t make my head turn like this has.


Patuszynska, after many years of creating sleekly functional pieces (that you might find at an upscale retail store in Helsinki, maybe?) has decided to embrace the jagged imperfections of the unknown. It looks natural, like eroding caverns, evokes time and history in one bowl. I really like exploring her work on her site – to see how far she’s come from simpler bowls and plates. It’s exciting to see the progression. Perhaps it’s not the ideal tea time mug, but isn’t it a hell of a lot more interesting than that?



April 30, 2012


So, I found this post on Booooooom last week and I couldn’t stop thinking about it or singing it in my head. I took a look at the comments and a lot of people remarked that this whole vocal loop thing is old, old news – which is true. I’ve even experimented with a loop and drum machine once. It was in college. Whatever.

In case this isn’t old news to you, here are a bunch of really great contenders mainly from the Roland Loop Station festival (which is a big deal in most places outside of the US. Just like soccer. Or football). However, the artists below may be proud prize winners but I still think they pale in comparison to Kawehi’s brilliance in song choice and straight sweetly vocaled finesse. See, she made the song even better than the original.


April 12, 2012


CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY (#17) & MATT (#22)!! You rad people get to reap the reward for entering and giving some great answers.


my wife loves canning tomatoes, so we have lots of mason jars. our baby likes to toss travel mug lids into the recycling, which we unwittingly send out on recycling day.

she would be blown away to get this as a mother’s day present.


I would love to use this cuppow for my maple syrup. I think it would be a great way to pour my syrup on my pancakes 

We’ll be in touch to schedule the shipment of your very own CUPPOW! Thanks to everyone for reading and entering!



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