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February 5, 2013



If those are your last names, as designers, you have an obligation to start a sweet ass studio. That’s what Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass did in 2006. The work they’ve produced since is even more impressive than their moniker.

The duo has worked in damn near every format imaginable (awards, interiors, print, textiles, environmental, etc etc) and it’s never diluted their trademark style. Something to aspire to.

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December 20, 2012

Romka Magazine

I’ve written (gushed, maybe) about Romka magazine a few times in the past and it remains one of my favorite photography publications.

If you’re not familiar with Romka, here’s what you need to know: each issue asks 50-100 photographers to choose their favorite photos and write about them. What you end up with is a publication almost completely devoid of any pretense and let’s be honest, that’s pretty rare with these kinds of things. Some photos and their stories are funny, cryptic and personal or just fully heartbreaking. I’m always eager to land one of these in the mail.

You can pick up a copy at Romka’s website. More spreads below the jump!

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October 30, 2012

Damien Tran

Check out the artwork of Berlin-based poster artist Damien Tran. There’s an easy comparison here to Sonnenzimmer, given the medium and the style, but I think where the Chicago duo are painterly in their work, Damien is more severe and his art leans more towards cut paper fine art than poster art. Fuckin’ beautiful.

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October 12, 2012

aitch and saddo


Two of my favorite illustrators, Saddo and Aitch, who are coincidentally also a couple have just released what I believe is their first small screen printed poster series. The money made from the sales go towards shipping the artists over the Canada from Romania for their first North American gallery show. Show some love!


October 2, 2012

You can’t slam an iphone down

As a small business owner, like most other small biz owners I imagine, we don’t use a landline at our office. Everyone just works off of their iPhone, which is great. Most of the time. But there are those times when I want to rip a phone off the ringer and scream, “WHAT?!” like an alternate universe Don Draper.

I’ve seen plenty of those old-school-rotary-phone-looking iPhone attachments but you know, I hate irony. And most things on that knick knacks wall at Urban Outfitters. The Curve BT iDock serves more as a phone than a hipster conversation piece. Placing an order now; slamming a phone down like a bawse next week.


August 28, 2012

creepy kids

Dina Lynnk is a Ukrainian fashion designer’s assistant who can’t sit still in her seat. As far as I can tell, in her seriesĀ Creepy Kids, she did wardrobe, art direction, concepting, collage and post production. The net result is pretty damn close to the title. Kids looking creepy. Can’t take my eyes off it.

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