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February 17, 2012


I just got waaaaaay too excited about this when I read about it on Creative Review’s blog (which, by the way, if that shit is not in your google reader, you are missing out).

The Ri Channel is a new online project by the Royal Institution showcasing the very best science videos from the Ri and around the web with an aim to “connect people to the world of science.” Well, if it looks this good and Carl Sagan is on the front page, I’m sold. And definitely connected.

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February 16, 2012

Interaction Design, OSX, Clear, and some rambling thoughts on Interaction Design

Lots of news out there today in the tech world about the out-of-nowhere announcement from Apple that Mountain Lion is coming this summer.  After we all collectively sighed and chuckled and realized, damn, we should have seen that coming, we can move on to more interesting matters like what it means for the future of interaction design. Read the rest of this entry »


February 14, 2012

troy moth

God dang, Troy Moth makes some stark and jarring photos. It’s fitting that the titles of his projects sound more like black metal albums than photo projects (see: Darkness, The Welcoming, Norwegian Fjord Horse, etc.)

But I mean, read Troy’s bio and tell me if you’re surprised about the subject of his awesomely dark work:

Troy Moth was born in a remote tree-planting camp on the west coast of Canada and spent the first few years of life in a tent guarded by large dogs. He loved the wild and abundant nature he grew up immersed in, but eventually the call to adventure became too much and he moved, first across Canada to the big city (Toronto), then across the world to India, to pursue a career in photography.

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February 13, 2012

Human combustion and other topics.

Mark Whalen has been a topic on this blog before—but his latest exhibit at FecalFace (Works by Jay Howell & Mark Whalen) prompted me to repost.

As often, I prefer letting the artist tell his story:

As complex as the cosmos or the workings of the human mind, Whalen’s pieces resemble elaborate puzzles or labyrinths, set up by the artist to challenge ones understanding of their own place in life. From his beginnings in Sydney, Australia, Mark Whalen has evolved into an artist whose meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures examine the human experience by exploring communication, emotion, sexuality, invention, interaction, and ritual – all with an undercurrent of quiet absurdity. Whalen’s line precision and glowing color palette is enhanced by the introduction of colors of light, caution and arousal, making the interaction of his subjects more accentuated and accessible. Thick, seductive layers of clear glossy resin create a post-modern plane for the artist to explore spatial possibilities and relativity within the narrative.

Whalen has evolved into an artist whose meticulously executed paintings now have a prominent place in galleries around the world. He was also included in 2009′s Apocalypse Wow! Exhibition at MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy, and 2010′s SPACE INVADERS Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. His work has also appeared in publications such as Juxtapoz, Modart Europe, Lodown, Arkitip, Art Ltd., Anthem, and Monster Children. He currently lives and paints in Los Angeles California.

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February 10, 2012

From Book Covers to Beer Labels

I was blessed with a magical gift over the holidays. The gift of beer. I’ve been wanting to take a stab at home brewing for a while, but it just always ended up lower on the list than every other project that sprung to mind. Since Santa was able to cram a seven gallon brew kit down the chimney this December, the time has come to brew!

I’m kicking off my first batch this weekend, but up until now, since high school really, I’ve been done an extensive amount of field research to help ‘refine’ my palette. Lately, I’ve been frequenting Sams Quick Shop in Durham, and Tasty Beverage in Raleigh for an assortment of brewery tastings.

Something I’ve come to realize during my time at these two fine establishments is that there is potentially a huge opportunity for designers in the form of craft beer labels. It seems small/craft brewers are producing seasonal & specialty beers more frequently than ever these days. I think breweries should treat the labels on these specialty beers like book covers, and let the label truly reflect the uniqueness of the beer itself. This could mean a complete divergence from the brand style of the brewery & their main beers, but that’s ok. I think the target audience involved would be particularly forgiving in this instance, and as long as there is some visual thread among the entire line of beers, I think unique (well designed) labels for specialty/seasonals are the way to go.





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