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October 10, 2011

Photographs can treat SAD.

Especially the ones that Katelyn Mooney shares with us on her beautiful site. She calls herself a “designer escapee turned fashion pioneed and editor.” That seems fitting for a portfolio of photographs that are imaginative, beautiful, dreamy, high fashion and playful, and beaming with a beauty that fills my soul.

Happiest Monday, friends.

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October 4, 2011

moveable type at gus and ruby letterpress

If you’re a Portsmouth local like myself or Kristy or Jared or a Boston local like Nicole or…shit, if you live in New England, this Thursday in downtown Portsmouth, in front of local letterpress heroes Gus and Ruby Letterpress, Kyle Durrie and the Moveable Type truck will be teaching the art of letterpress and sending folks away with their own original print. Can you think of a reason not to be there? No? Me neither. BE THERE.



October 4, 2011

eye sea

Waaaaiiiiit. These aren’t uninspired ripoffs created in corel draw and printed on your mom’s hp deskjet 48000?

Nope! Eye Sea Posters sources original vintage movie posters made by the original designers that originally designed them. And they’re not that pricey! Very original.


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