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February 28, 2011

The Oscar of Lifetime-achievement

If I could give out Oscars or something less golden—Swiss graphic design master Armin Hofmann would be a winner. His body of work (b.1920) is vast, and his teachings are, as well. An amazing friend at work let me borrow his Hofmann’s Graphic Design Manual (Principles and Practice) over the weekend and I loved every page of it. As stated by George Nelson in the preface:

“The answers to many of the vexing problems which plague art education and training today might be easier to come by if there were more teachers with the artistic integrity, broad intelligence and deep responsibility of Armin Hofmann.”

You can take a peek at the contents of the book here.
Oh and if anyone feels like buying anyone else (or me) something: how about this?

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February 23, 2011

justin mezzell

Normally, I really don’t care that I suck at photoshop. Vector stuff is more my style. But then from time to time I stumble across beautifully done work, like this magazine article designed by Justin Mezzell, and I think about maybe going through some more tutorials.

Justin’s work is wonderful because it’s not overdone, and on top of the lush imagery he is able to combine a lot of different kinds of information in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Regardless of what this article is about, I really want to read it, and I think that is the goal of all print design.

You can check out more of Justin’s work on his website. It’s definitely worth a visit.


February 17, 2011

Fifty & Fifty

Fifty and Fifty is a curated collaboration of visual interpretations of each state’s motto.  It’s puppetmaster, Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks, is now posting the individual mottos about once a day over on the site.  The roster is stacked with the likes of Aaron Draplin, Friends of Type, Ken Barber, Jessica Hische, Mark Weaver, Mickey Burton, Meg Hunt, Richard Perez…  you know, all the internet-famous designers we know and love.

I assume Cassaro directed the illustrators to use a two color design (a beautiful shade of red and blue), and judging by the way the illustrators have used those colors, I can foresee a letterpress/screenprint edition coming soon… We can only hope.  I’d drop some simoleons on a few of those already…


February 16, 2011

super ordinary haircuts

Check out what I just got back from the printer! Super Ordinary Haircuts is a freelance project I worked on with a Raleigh video production company, Myriad Media. It is a leave behind book about their company culture on which I collaborated with Connie Oh. The cover is bronze ink and orange foil stamp on French Kraft paper. It was my first foil stamp, and I can’t wait to do more! If you want to look inside, I have some more pictures on my behance.


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