Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn have been collaborating as Kahn/Selesnick since 1988 on a series of complex narrative photo-novellas and sculptural installations.

The work featured on their site takes time to absorb—it’s incredibly rich and fascinating, they truly are masters of narration. I’m featuring just one novella here—City of Salt— but bookmark the site and check out the whole body of amazing work. City of Salt reminds me of Burning Man meets Matthew Barney meets 1001 Arabic Nights meets Hemingway. If that makes any sense.
This is the first sentence of the storyline:

What lies beneath the city, beyond its ornate façade? Are not all cities the same, the transient crowd forever in motion, the bustling railway terminus or the airport desk, a place that is not a place, where there is no “there” or “here.”


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