Phew. That was big. 350 responses to our birthday giveaway!! Yowzas!

Thank you to everyone that entered & if you didn’t win this time, there will be plenty more opportunities this year, we promise! Now, before we get on with it, we need to recognize & thank our gracious sponsors one last time. Here’s to Urban Outfitters, Photojojo, AMMO Magazine, Blackarm Bespoke, Will Bryant, and RageHaus! Bravo!

Winners announced after the jump!

Remember: Each package winner was chosen totally at random. Some of you gave some pretty amazing reasons for entering & we thank you for your efforts!

Here’s what Kelly had to say:

package #1

really really really really want that big ass book of crafts

and who wouldn’t want the 3D drawing pad, that is amazing.

although the cassette is amazing.

and of course a very happy birthday to you okay great. I can’t believe you are only two. you seem much more mature than that.

Here’s what Jamese had to say:

“package # 2 sounds great ! i’d like to win that, i like the speakers and owl print and notebook, and the desk lamp looks super cool ! :)

Here’s what Emily had to say:

“Although it was incredibly hard to nchoose between the packages I would have to wioth package number three-hello fox art! Combining animals with circa 1920s photos!? If I don’t get package number three I may have to resort to dressing up my cat Nigel which would make him really mad and would altogether be pretty sad. Aside from that I just finished up my journal/genius ideas/sketch book and I may be more inclined to jump back into the creative game with a sweet sketchbook like that…. and lastly, my plants need a new home, a stylish new home aka that highland vase

thanks ok great you’re too damn… great!”

Here’s what Tracy had to say:

“i’ll take what’s behind curtain #4 please! i’m down to my last polaroid package for my old spectra pola camera sniff sniff – this new beauty will help keep my old school ways alive and kicking! XOXO ok great!”

Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be in touch ASAP for your shipping addresses!

Thanks again to everyone for helping us kickoff a wonderful new year!!

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