Rob Carter is a Brooklyn-based photographer and videographer with a knack for exposing landmarks and iconic structures from above while using his often comedic but always thoughtful knife (literally and figuratively) to create collages of the original material.  Whether its placing the unofficial Church of England (ie. the home of footballers Manchester United) in the actual church of England (Canterbury Cathedral – home of the Anglican Church) or placing imagery literally among the plants and documenting its growth.  His process is more than a digital manipulation, and usually has several iterations of digital collaging, printing, further analog collaging, and final photographing, and the process helps create the dreamy state and remove some of the slickness of a traditional digital collage.

But it was his video work that really struck me, specifically a piece called Metropolis, which, in a quirky and funky way, documents the abridged history of the growth of the city of Charlotte, which, as many of the NC based OK Greatsters could tell you, is a model of urban sprawl and not-all-that-planned growth.  Below is the climax of the 9 minute film, the last three minutes in which we really see the landscape explode in the 3-D-ish popup book style that tells the story of Metropolis.

A couple more photographs after the jump.

(via Huffington Post, oddly enough)

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