pillow round-up

Hey OK Great! I’m back with the newest You Can Afford it Friday round-up. This time, I’ve got 9 great pillows/pillow covers under $50. Changing out pillows is a great way to spruce up your living room/bedroom/etc, without doing a whole lot or spending a whole lot. And pillow covers are easy to stash in a closet, so you’ve not no storage excuse.

[1] Thermos pillow cover by coucousalut, $25 [2] Bird on linen pillow by Roddy and Ginger, $35 [3] Animal plushies by Tiny Whales, $25 each [4] Wild and Wooly pillow by Anthropologie, $29.95 [5] Duikers in red pillow cover by Skinny Laminx, $35 [6] Genine owl pillow by Urban Outfitters, $28 [7] Miki pillow cover by Maramiki, $34-48 [8] Tatami handprinted pillow cover by Kalla, $30 [9] Geo Pleated pillow by Urban Outfitters, $36

See you next week! As always with OK Great features, if you have a submission we’d love to hear about it. You Can Afford It Fridays submissions or round-up ideas can be sent to me (Ellie) at mintdesignblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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