Hi, everyone.  News time.  Our friends Tim Lytvinenko + Helena Price have just embarked on an epic month-long, cross country tour.  The awesomeness potential here is through the roof.  [www.welldonetour.com]

We had a little pow-wow with the road warriors on their way out of town and this video is the result:

Locopops + Flywheel Design + Well Done Media from welldonemedia on Vimeo.

We’ll be joining forces with Tim + Helena over the next month to bring OK Great readers a weekly PRIZE + a weekly PROJECT.  Funnnnn.

For details, read on.

Here’s the skinny:

Every week, we’ll ask readers to call in (remember HELLO OPERATOR?) and suggest a project for Tim and Helena to carry out on the road.  You can find some sample ideas here.

The project can be anything!  Make a movie.  Take a photo series.  Go on a scavenger hunt.  Write letters to all of your friends.  Climb a mountain and plant a flag with your name on it.  ANYTHING.

The person whose idea is chosen will receive a mystery prize in the mail from Tim + Helena. -There will be a new project and a new prize every week!

Prize winners and thei suggestions will be announced every Monday and the finished project will be put up every Friday.We can’t wait to hear everyone’s crazy suggestions.  Put these two to work!

Toll Free:  866-556-9432

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