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June 23, 2009

Janine Antoni


Janine Antoni is by no means a new artist on the scene, but her work somehow always remains fresh. Her stuff reminds me of Kiki Smith’s work. The above piece in particular (made entirely of rawhide!) strikes a similar chord as Smith’s ‘Tale’ sculpture.


PBS did a great documentary on Antoni a few years back as part of their Art 21 film series. The documentary explores her tendency to blur the line between everyday life and performance art:


“She has chiseled cubes of lard and chocolate with her teeth, washed away the faces of soap busts made in her own likeness, and used the brainwave signals recorded while she dreamed at night as a pattern for weaving a blanket the following morning.”  Whoa.



June 23, 2009

The Dailies: OK Great

dfm-okg.jpg The OK Great crew is featured on Design for Mankind today!  Amazing!  Our friend Erin was kind enough to ask the OKG/Flywheel crew to participate in her series, “The Dailies”, a feature that follows creatives through a day in their lives.  So, if you’d like to look in on a typical day at our shop, head over to The Dailies: OK Great!okgdfm2.jpg You can see additional photos that didn’t make the cut at our Flickrokgdfm1.jpg Thanks, Erin! 


June 22, 2009

jim gaylord

jim gaylord

Jim Gaylord’s work builds from his film-maker past, and he often creates his paintings by working on top of traditional landscape scenes. Many of them are created from clips from action scenes in films. Another plus? He was born in NC and went to UNCG.

jim gaylord

jim gaylord

jim gaylord


June 22, 2009

Véronique Meignaud

Veronique Meignaud (aka Marmotte) is a freelance illustrator living in Paris who works mainly for the video game industry as a concept artist, designing character & environment designs for some of the biggest names in that industry.


Her concept illustrations are more in line with what you’d imagine for video game work (that’s not to say the skillfulness is to be ignored) but her sketchbook is what really strikes me.  Scary stuff, right?





June 22, 2009

Michael Ferris Jr.


How rad is this?? Michael Ferris Jr. creates amazingly intricate sculptures from recycled wood materials, grout, and a whole lot of patience. He recently exhibited at the George Adams Gallery in NYC, and has another solo exhibit planned for there in early 2010.


He contacted us about his work and had this to say:

“I am interested in creating a dialogue regarding the use of recycled materials and ecologically minded art making practices. My work is comprised of recycled wood. These forms are then surfaced with a combination of overlaid recycled wood pieces and acrylic pigmented grout. Inlaid gaming tables from the Middle East have played a particularly important role in the aesthetic formation of my work.


This is Michael being held hostage by his sculptures in his studio. They have been forcing him to create more sculptures in their likeness for years…



June 19, 2009


I’m a really enthusiastic amateur chef so I’m always on the lookout for a great cookbook.  I was excited when I came across “MEAT”, a beautifully designed meat oriented cookbook by chef Adrian Richardson.  My biggest complaint with cookbooks is that they often lack a utilitarian perspective.  The book is too small and won’t stay open.  No pictures, which are just as important when in the kitchen, for reference, etc.


Hofstede Design is responsible for the smart design of the book (and the funny PVC cover liner).

You can snag your copy here.  Me first.


June 19, 2009

Luke Lukas Loves Lifelounge


Luke Lucas is a designer/typographer from Melbourne, Australia. He’s also the genius behind all of those wonderful Lifelounge Magazine covers. His personal site doesn’t showcase his work, but you can see a lot of his stuff on Behance.


His forté is heavily illustrated custom typography; and he’s damn good at it too.


This is part of a series he did for a safe sex for athletes campaign. Glorious.


Now, if you’re truly brave at heart and not at all squeamish, go take a look at his piece called ‘Swing City.’ Go ‘head, I dare you. Just know that I dare not post it here…


June 18, 2009





I really like these prints by Gregory from Venice, CA. Check out the yeti! He uses xylene transfers to make his prints, which is “like a screenprint, but without the screen, and the artwork is hand-transferred inch by inch over a long hour.”

You can check out his etsy shop here to buy one for me!


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