These are my friends Logan and Helena:


(photo by Logan Sayles)

They, along with our friend Tim Lytvinenko, are going to have some photos exhibited in the Busy Bee Cafe this Friday. The Busy Bee is a super awesome new restaurant/bar in Raleigh; it’s only  been open for 2 months and already it’s one of my favorite places to go. It is located downtown at 225 Wilmington Street, and pays homage to a cafe of the same name that stood in the same location back in the early 1920′s. Here is what the original Busy Bee looked like:


I think this show is going to be awesome! Helena, Logan and Tim are joining forces to build some buzz about their upcoming crazy cross country photography excursion. Here’s what Helena has to say about it:

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m moving to San Francisco in about a month to go to grad school. In the beginning of July, I will officially be homeless, pack up the few remaining things I haven’t sold or thrown away, and begin my trek across the US of A.

However, this will be no ordinary trek. I have plans to stop in a few cities on the way through. Approximately 24. I am also planning the biggest photo/video/blog project you could ever fathom.

You can follow their expedition on Helena’s blog. You can also check out some of her photography there, and you can check out Logan’s here and Tim’s here. And just in case you forgot, Lump is also having an exciting show this Friday. First Friday is going to be excellent this month!

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