February 5, 2013



If those are your last names, as designers, you have an obligation to start a sweet ass studio. That’s what Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass did in 2006. The work they’ve produced since is even more impressive than their moniker.

The duo has worked in damn near every format imaginable (awards, interiors, print, textiles, environmental, etc etc) and it’s never diluted their trademark style. Something to aspire to.

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December 20, 2012

Romka Magazine

I’ve written (gushed, maybe) about Romka magazine a few times in the past and it remains one of my favorite photography publications.

If you’re not familiar with Romka, here’s what you need to know: each issue asks 50-100 photographers to choose their favorite photos and write about them. What you end up with is a publication almost completely devoid of any pretense and let’s be honest, that’s pretty rare with these kinds of things. Some photos and their stories are funny, cryptic and personal or just fully heartbreaking. I’m always eager to land one of these in the mail.

You can pick up a copy at Romka’s website. More spreads below the jump!

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December 18, 2012

Revel In Portland, VOL 1

Hi friends. This whole year has been busy. My friend and business partner Janice have finally published our labor of love… Revel In Portland, VOL 1. We join Revel In New York guidebooks 1, 2 and 3. The Revel In brand was founded in NY by managing editors, Marc Santo and Scott Newman.

For curious travelers and locals alike. Revel In Portland is an arts and culture travel guide and platform, delivering a personalized view of the city, through the eyes of its most intriguing characters.  Volume 1 features conversational interviews with (illustrator) Carson Ellis, (chef) John Gorham, (filmmaker) Lance Bangs, (musicians) Chromatics, (designer) Tinker Hatfield, (photographer) Ray Gordon, (Bridge + Burn designer) Erik Prowell, (artist) Alicia McDaid, (architect) Jeff Kovel and (chickfactor editor) Gail O’Hara—alongside amazing contributors, beautiful pictorials and 72 personal recommendations on Portland’s ‘best of’ everything.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Portland’s Right Brain Initiative  -  enhancing our children’s education through the arts.

Stocking stuffers anyone?

Thanks for checking it out. XOCH


December 6, 2012


hi friends. Back from my hiatus!

And OMG check out this incredible project by Tokyo-based photographer Ariko. Erna and Hrefna are Icelandic identical twins that Ariko began to photograph and document in 2009 (when they were nine). The project will be ongoing until they are 16.

In the background info, Ariko mentions the twins saying that they sometimes dream the same dreams. MAGICAL.


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December 3, 2012

The Shape of Music – Martin Wattenberg

Ever think about what music “looks” like? Many songwriters talk about visualizing the shape of their songs. Frank Zappa used to “draw” his music when he composed, visually represent it through arcs and blobs and stretching blips. Martin Wattenberg, as he states on his site “created a visualization method called an arc diagram that highlighted repeated sections of music–or of any sequence–with translucent arcs.” COOL.

The above diagram represents Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Autumn. You can listen to it here.

Of course, as someone who is discovering music (theory, performance, composition and really why I like the shit I like) all over again as an adult, this, I imagine, is how an eleven year old boy feels like when he opens a certain drawer in his father’s dresser while home alone for the first time. It also may be helpful to express my musical ecstasy by providing you with a visual of the guy who introduced me to Wattenberg’s work. My piano teacher, Mike Effenberger:

I mean, look at the dude. He’s obviously a mad genius. (Photo by Enna Grazier at a PMAC fundraising event – p.s. PMAC is AMESOME).

He also happens to be the perfect fit for me as a teacher. Proof being that he knew how much of a visual person I am and that, to make the connection between the seeing and hearing world would be a huge turning point for me as a student, artist and not to get too dramatic here (but it is So. True.) a better fucking human being. If you like smart experimentation rooted in supreme knowledge and curiosity, you should check out one of the 80 projects Mike is a part of. It’ll change how you see and hear the world.

But, back to Wattenberg…

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October 30, 2012

Damien Tran

Check out the artwork of Berlin-based poster artist Damien Tran. There’s an easy comparison here to Sonnenzimmer, given the medium and the style, but I think where the Chicago duo are painterly in their work, Damien is more severe and his art leans more towards cut paper fine art than poster art. Fuckin’ beautiful.

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